Cellulite – is the change in adipose tissue of the skin. Most doctors do not consider this issue illness, and according to scientists from the American University in Pittsburgh, cellulite is a sign of great intelligence and erudition. According to them high concentration of fat in the buttocks, legs and abdomen creates a large supply of omega-3 fatty acids that have a beneficial effect on the brain. Cellulite – many medical professionals call this condition the skin, "ginoidnaya lipodystrophy. " The term "cellulite" was used in the nineteenth century, but was only publicized in 1973, when the beauty salon, Nicole Ronsard, to attract new customers, unfolded against a broad group. As Cellulite usually appears during the hormonal changes a woman's body during puberty, pregnancy and the arrival of menopause. "Favored" places of cellulite: the buttocks, thighs, abdomen, chest, flank surface of the body.

There are four stages of cellulite: Initial stage – cellulite is invisible, it can be detected only when pressing on the skin in two places and the bringing together of pressured areas. In the first stage starts a simple softening of the skin "problem" parts of the body, caused by the stagnation of interstitial fluid (the fluid environment of body cells) between the cells. This so-called "myagkiytsellyulit." The second stage – Cellulitis ("orange skin") is seen in the sitting position, by pressing on the skin on her left, slowly vanishing traces-dents. In the second stage, the skin loses elasticity. Connective tissue surrounding the fat cells tissue, blood vessels, muscle fibers, nerves and glands are sealed and hardened, thereby making it difficult for blood and lymph circulation at the capillary urovne.Tretya stage of cellulite – it is noticeable when lying down. In the third stage is growth of connective tissue elements in local deposits and the collapse of lipids and proteins. Nodules are formed, the skin is similar to orange peel.

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