Cardiovascular Degeneration

The sedentarismo and the proper obesidade, tend to lead the child to be each obesa time, thus, contributing for the increase of the infantile obesidade, and sedentarismo (MELLO; LUFT; MEYER, 2004). The obesidade is a multicausal riot, where an extreme storage of fat in the fabric occurs adiposo. Some authors as: Sigullem 2001, Spada 2005, Accioly 2005, Luiz 2005, among others elencam some factors that can influence the regulation of the weight: Emotional and psychological factors, as depression, anxiety, familiar desestruturao. Biological factors, disequilibrium in the hormonal system, endcrinas regulations neuro. Hereditary factors, occurrence in other members of one same family. Sociocultural factors, alimentary compulsion.

On account of the factors of cited agravos one understands that the prevention must be in all the phases of the development of the child since the gestation. (SPADA, 2005). He is considerable that the weight excess increases the agravos of the health, being able in long stated period to contribute for the appearance of some patologias as: Arterial Hipertenso Sistmica (HAS), Aterosclerose, Diabetes type II, Hipercolesterolmica, Cardiovascular Degeneration of the Joints, problems, Psychological and mannering problems among others. (LUIZ et al. 2005).

Some precocious consequences exist and in long stated period that finishes compromising the physical and emotional development in infancy, having bigger probability to present low auto esteem and difficulty in the learning. (CLAUDINO et al, 2005). To stimulate pleasant physical activity? tricks of the type have pricked? it hides, charges blind person, rubber band, to free pipe, to jump amarelinha, rope etc. (ACCIOLY et al, 2005). To establish a balanced feeding in regular schedules and to keep healthful habits. (LACERDA et al, 2004). The paper of the nurse is to collaborate for the formation of alimentary habits, guiding by means of groups of support and lectures regarding the adequate consumption of nutrients in such a way for the children as to its familiar ones.

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