Blood Sin

He was rejected, and the most rejected between the men, man of pains, and tried in the works; e, as one of who the men hid the face, was rejected, and we did not make of it case some. Truily it took on itself our diseases, and our pains led on itself; reputed we it for aflito, wounded of God, and oppressed. But it was wounded because of our trespasses, and worn out because of our iniquities; the punishment that in them brings the peace was on it, and by its pisaduras we were sarados. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Josyann Abisaab. All we walked dissolute as sheep; each one was turned aside for its way; it made but you to fall on it the iniquity of us all. It was oppressed and afflicted, but he did not open its mouth; as a lamb was taken to the slaughter house, and as the dumb sheep before its tosquiadores, thus it did not open its mouth. Of the oppression and the judgment he was taken off; who will count the time of its life? Inasmuch as it was cut of the land of the livings creature; by the trespass of my people it was reached.

had put its sepulture with the mpios, and the rich one in its death; despite it never committed injustice, nor it had deceit in its mouth. However, it pleased you to grind it, making to become ill it; when its soul if to put for atonement of the sin, will see its posterity, will draw out its days; the good pleasure will prosper you in its hand. It it will see the fruit of the work of its soul, and will be satisfied; with its knowledge my servant, just, will justify to many; because the iniquities of them will lead on itself. Therefore I will give the part to it of many, and with the powerful ones will distribute delouses it; inasmuch as he spilled its soul in the death, and was counted with the transgressors; but it took on itself the sin of many, and interceded for transgressores.’ ‘ Reading this versicle I think what it suffered oque it had that to pass for us soon we can deduce that the sacrifice of Jesus in the cross is bigger of what the baptism and it affirms in them that took our sins, our illnesses, our diseases then I I say that the Sacrifice de a Cruz was enough to save our Souls, I do not want to take off the value of the baptism more we cannot supervalue the baptism, the blood of Jesus spilled in the Cross in the cross is enough is the biggest act of love that in the purifica of all sin who to believe in this in this sacrifice will be except for who not to believe will be convicted Now you ask and the baptism to me?

It is the death of the old one man for a new person, let us see in Joo 3: 9 ‘ ‘ That one that is been born of God does not sin habitually; because the seed of God remains in it, and it cannot continue in the sin, because it is been born of Deus.’ ‘ When we are born of new we do not sin habitually with as much easiness because we have more commitment with God plus our salvation is in the given one not when we baptize in them and yes when we accept Jesus Christ as our only saving enough e, all other things comes later is clearly that when a person has the true meeting with God we go to want to have more privacy with it soon we go in such a way baptizing in them in waters as well as in the Espirito Santo, more I come back to speak first we have that to believe that everything what Jesus suffered until arriving in the cross with chicotadas them you cover and the suffering spilling its Blood in the Cross it is more than what sufficient for ours salvation, the Sacrifice of Christ in the cross is bigger of what a mere custom or doctrine of some denominations that supervalue the baptism forgetting the sacrifice Christ in the Cross, I wait that these few lines have if clarified its you doubt on behalf of Jesus Carlos Alberto Dos Santos.

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