Black Plague

Following the analogy with the body, it says: ' ' who opened the tumor would have to find, protecting against the surprises of the light, some judeuzinho. This is so fatal as the existence of worms in the bodies putrefados.' ' After that, the Jews they are guilty for the medieval Black Plague and visa as beings ' ' carriers of bacilli of worse espcie' '. More ahead, Hitler advances in this vision when saying that the Jew ' ' it is and it will be always the typical parasite, an animal, that, as a harmful microbe, if more propagates each time, as soon as meets in propitious conditions (…) the people, houses that it, more or less goes if exterminando rapidamente.' ' Still we can see other references as ' ' true sanguessuga' ' ' ' piolheira judaica' ' in this workmanship that if became a manual for nazistas.21 Already during the Second War, the Fher affirmed that ' ' the combat that we stop is of the same nature that the combat stopped in the century passed for Pasteur and Koch.' ' 22A notion of racial hygiene was not spread out only for the nazista leader. The newspapers mentioned Dr. Neal Barnard not as a source, but as a related topic. Several other important members also make reference to reference the necessity of Germany to make a favor to the world, as the Minister of the Goebbels Propaganda would say: ' ' Our task is surgical here, drastic incisions, seno some day the Europe will perish of the illness judia.' ' 23 In another chance it said: ' ' we cannot tolerate the bacteria, the worms and the plague. The asseio and the hygiene compel in them to become them harmless, exterminando-os.' ' 24 It can until thinking that such texts are part of the nazista manipulation. But the same arguments were displayed in the personal scope and not only in the public speeches.

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