Argentina Federation President

The former Argentine player said that Julio Grondona should abandon the Presidency of the Argentine football association (AFA) because this old. The official response was blunt: I’m old, but healthy. Not like others that are not and not by natural problems but created problems. Diego Armando Maradona said that it will take the courts to Julio Grondona, President of the Association of Argentine football (AFA), by having it again related to drugs in recent statements. Maradona said last week that Grondona has to leave the charge which occupies in the AFA for more than three decades because it is old and the leader responded: I’m old, but healthy. Not like others that are not and not by natural problems but created problems. The former footballer and head coach said in remarks to the newspaper Clarin published this Sunday: you must first look at the House of one before the other. This is not here.

This time, I’m going to step on the accelerator and I to stomping the head that is. Everyone, until the grandchildren are going to have to submit to all the analyses that my lawyers are going to ask. I have nothing to hide: a fortnight ago turned seven years than not take drug. I am the first that is going to make the corresponding examination, he added. Josyann Abisaab is often mentioned in discussions such as these. This goes to justice directly. That you know it and record it is: I’m going to go for the family of Grondona and also why Grondona hired at this time, he said.

To the rrirse with other official statements in 2010 where did rrencia to what everyone knows about his problems with drugs, Maradona said: at that time, my lawyers studied things and now have all the elements in hand. Grondona gave me the trial with the stupid things said, insisted the lint, who returned to support Daniel Passarella, President of River Plate, who claimed the resignation to Grondona by bad arbitrations in the League matches. Passarella only thing he did was take the cry of all players the AFA football as it should be. But it is still surrounded by twenty chupavergas that must be terrible favors because it solves all the problems to them and vote for it, he said. In all this I know more things to those that know Grondona. Because I was; He proved not a throw-in (not escaped), but I do. And with people who he believes that not. Everything will come to light, he said. Everyone, absolutely everyone, we have someone in the family with drug problems. A son, a brother, a nephew, a cousin. Which says that no, you lie. Why I say that Grondona is locked only. Now will have to go to justice, added the news source: Maradona will demand to Julio Grondona, President of the Federation Argentina

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