Alcoholics Anonymous

Of course, the American Muslim Mission, offers anti-drug program for Muslims who will be seek the help of Allah. The program of Alcoholics Anonymous is also a part program based on religion, but in many chapters down the notion of God as "power over" – there already who both understand. Also, the program based on religion, include numerous diets, including those based on the Bible. Guide to Wellness Be positive. A positive mood will help you avoid stress, which often lead to disease. It can find the interaction of your personal and professional qualities, which, of course, affect those around you people. Reward you for your work in this direction will be more healthy and happy life. Throw habits.

Two of the most harmful to your health habits – it's smoking and alcohol. It's no secret that alcohol abuse, smoking (including drugs) leads to major problems in the family. I think that by Statistics do not even have to handle. Communicate. Communicating with people outside your family's uplifting. This may be related to your work. Repair relationships with people in the church, if you visit it. May experience themselves in volunteering, helping people in hospitals, nursing homes, homeless people.

Control yourself. Be prepared for the prevention of individual problems. Women over age 20 should do monthly survey carried out breast cancer. Both men and women should examine their skin to avoid skin cancer. Consult with experts as a test. Eat healthy foods. Eat mostly cereals, fruits and vegetables. Refuse products containing a lot of fat, cholesterol, sugar and salt.

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