Both will be the hypothesis and that drove this project is the fact that professionals of nursing of the City ofSo Desidrio face of stress, may be subject you not properly perform the nursing care provided you their patient. Survey was conducted of nature qualitative, descriptive at theMaternityHospital and the City ofSo Desidrio-Ba, in May of 2009, reaching an audience of five nurses (). Influential date were and soon to after discussed. It was found that stress has already or is part of the daily life of all the nursing professionals interviewed, and the factor that you intervene with work stress causing emotional imbalance. However, the stress in emergency brings risks you the patient and performing the activities of the professional.

Keywords: Nurses, emergency and stress. Academics of the nursing course, 3 Semester, FASB. Introduction The model of current behavior falls again on the consequence estresse of it daily that part of the public knowledge becomes and that has exerted strong influence on the work structure of the great majority of the population. It estresse in the same way that vices as tobaccoism and alcoholism, can have favorable effect in the physical health and mental it is what it happens with the professionals of nursing in its environment of work, since such profession is considered the fourth estressante one. ( The work in diverse health takes the nurse times to abdicate of its personal life in favor of the cares given to the patients, being thus imposed a folloied routine of high degree of estresse, is what it also occurs in the unit of emergency. This sector presents some factors estressores as I transit intense of people, indeterminantes sounds of some people aspects, fast dynamics always based in urgency and emergency, what it composes the daily exercise of the nurse and what sujere the same to a psychological upheaval.

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