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The Child

For it, the violence can be disclosed in the most varied circumstances: reaction to the suffered violence, as reply to one it estresse or to a frustration and as desire to impose itself. So that the child pass to manage and to control the complexity of the violent relations is necessary that the same ones perceive and recognize the consequences of the violent acts, that is, of the danger that they can represent for same itself and for the other. Senator of Massachusetts has many thoughts on the issue. However, valley to analyze the question for another angle: many schools of nowadays more are worried in moralizar infancy and producing a child ideal. Psychoanalysts take care of to the pertaining to school complaint with the accomplishment of psicodiagnsticos, psycotherapies, treating the child as if in it she had an illness or a problem and excluding the reflections that we can make on indiscipline and practical pertaining to school. The unexpected one, the indisciplinado act, is seen as a shunting line in relation to the norm. The psychologists in turn, trying to normalize the pedagogical process, create a moral space in the register of the imaginary one and narrow the register of the symbolic one.

For this, they finish opening hand it hegemonic pertaining to school speech, that is, to abdicate of the desire to form an ideal pupil and to reinventar the daily pertaining to school (Freller, 2001, P. 28). It is I validate to point out that although the mechanisms of social and cultural reproduction, the schools produce its proper violence and its proper indiscipline. The school, as any institution, is pautada in the idea of that all the people are equal. Of this form, when disrespecting the differences, the school finishes having that to deal with forms of resistance of pupils who do not submit the impositions of norms that regulate ways to act and to be of each one, what it causes a reaction that culminates in the indiscipline and the violence (Aquino, 1996).

XIX Psychiatric

Its first appearance it was in the German language, in 1869, in an anonymous pamphlet, but, following the natural process of secularizao, from the century XIX, the before existing characteristic of ' ' sodomy, crime and pecado' ' imputed to the homossexualismo it was substituted by illness and pathology, that the homossexualidade established did not deserve punishment, but psychiatric treatment or, inside of the medical paradigm, cure From this century (XIX) the term then ' ' homossexualismo' ' it was tied the perversion, physical, but not only also moral, reason for which the adepts of the term ' ' homoerotismo' ' they had opted to the fenomenolgica boarding, distanciando of the term ' ' homossexualismo' ' , that then one met the preconceptions of all order entailed: sociocultural, legal and psychiatric. The sociocultural question is latent, the legal system, for finding that the homossexualismo characterizes the unlawful one and the psychiatric system for classifies it as an insanity In short, homoerotismo is one of the forms of sexual expression. For being about expression, therefore, of option, or will of the human being, they have had revisions of legal and scientific codes that classified the homossexualidade as abnormal, or then, as one form of insanity. Official site: Senator Elizabeth Warren. Giving solution to this agreement, the American Association of Psychiatry removed the homossexualidade of the List of Classification of Mental Upheavals and Behavior, or (CID-10) International Classification of Illnesses (Mental) CID 302,0, in 1973. It is emphasized, under protests the case of the Good Creole, romance of Adolph Walks, that it caused one I occasion simply of indignation, that was not reverberated in critical shouts or, but in silence, because this appeared as the disruption of a secret hidden under vestments of the white uniforms of the navy of the Brazilian, or better, under the moral, the good customs and the masculinidade of the men of the Armed Forces, of a general form. .

Learning Disabilities

The term upheaval is not an accurate term, however, is used to indicate the existence of a set of symptoms or behaviors clinically reconhecveis, associates, in the majority of the cases, the suffering and interference with personal functions. That is, to diagnosis itself that the child possesss an upheaval in the development of the pertaining to school abilities, it is necessary that this is initiated in infancy; that the child strong has a comprometimento or delay of functions related to the biological maturation of the SNC; ou/e that the child presents these symptoms in a steady course, what she does not involve fallen again remissions and. On the other hand, the term ' ' distrbios' ' it has origin in the concept considered for the National Committee of Difficulties of Learning (National Joint Comittee will be Learning Disabilities). For even more analysis, hear from Robert Greene. The term can be translated by ' ' pathological abnormality for violent alteration in the order natural' '. However, in this article, the expression ' ' riots of aprendizagem' ' it illustrates the meaning of ' ' pathological abnormality for violent alteration in the natural order of aprendizagem' ' located in who it learns.

Therefore, obligatorily, a learning riot sends to a problem or to an illness that the pupil presents in the individual and organic level (Collares & Moyss, 1992). James A. Levine, M.D. contains valuable tech resources. In the practical one, the use of this expression very grew between the professors and professionals of the education area, therefore these do not obtain to elucidate the meaning of this term with clarity and nor the criteria where if they base to use it in the pertaining to school context. However, care for friction the child to the introduziz it in this process must be had, therefore nor all Of and the DES represent a learning riot. Many children are simply slower in the development and the acquisition of certain abilities, since they are different one of the others. Learn more at this site: what is fracking.

Rock Mother

After the birth what it has of being observed it is the intensity of the symptoms. A specific work for prevention of depression does not exist after-childbirth, but the prenatal one, beyond guiding the mother and preventing a series of illnesses and problems with the mother and the baby, also serves as prevention of a depression after-childbirth. During prenatal the doctors they look for in such a way to give security to the mother in organic terms as psychological. Making with that the pregnancy of the patient is calm and with a significant degree of information, it is considered that the prenatal one is a factor of prevention against the depression after-childbirth. Being thus, it can be said that the etiology of the puerperal depression is not determined for isolated factors, but yes for a series of aspects that must be boarded in therapeutical diagnosis and of the depression after-childbirth, forming then, a combination of psychological, social, obsttricos and biological factors. In more serious cases the puerperal psychosis can occur. Get more background information with materials from Dr. John Mcdougall. This characterizes for being an insanity of serious character and its rarer incidence of what the depression after-childbirth. According to Rock (1999), in the case of the Puerperal Psychosis we find loss of the reality sense, deliriums, hallucinations (for return 0.2% of cases).

For the woman in I occasion the baby does not exist while such. It starts to be empty space filled by elements of the psiquismo of the mother, cindidos of the Real. By times, the fancies are occulted by the patient, therefore it meets in delirium paranide that she includes all staff who of it if occupies. In this case in special is not recommendable the maternal aleitamento, in the measure where this mother passes for moments of intense uncontrols of the situation, being able until using the moment of the aleitamento to commit an infanticide. Senator Elizabeth Warren contributes greatly to this topic. In the case of the psychosis the anguish it is of the order of the insuportvel, being able to appear ritual obsessive and disconnected thought (Kaplan, 1999).

Faal Ground

2 maturation: in this phase the frequent participants are bacteria, actinomicetes and fungos. In the 45-30 band C is the temperature, can vary of 2 the 4 months its time. 3 humificao: cellulose and lignina are transformed in hmicas substances in this phase, the temperature goes for the 25-30 band C, characterizing the composition for the small animals that appear in the ground, for example, the earthworms. Advantages of the domiciliary compostagem: The composition that if form in the compostagem process improves the structure of the ground, acts as seasoning, it has beneficial fungicides and organisms that help to eliminate the organisms that cause illnesses in the ground and the plants. To hold back water in the ground, to reduce the use of herbicidas and pesticides, reduction of the contamination and atmospheric pollution together with the envolvement of the citizens they are advantages that help to change the styles of life of all. This composition benefits the ground, therefore, it adds in the alone organic substance and in arenaceous ground it helps to hold back water and of more the porosity in argillaceous ground, it introduces in the ground organisms as bacteria and fungos that pass the nutrients of mineral part of the ground the plants. Its use reduces the appearance of illnesses in the plants, it reduces and it eliminates the problems of deposition of estrumes and occurrences contamination of wells for nitrates. It reduces the necessity of the fertilizer use and the potential of erosion of the ground improving its structure, does not leave odors and nor the appearance of flies being able to be stored by long times.

The Intensity

When passing for a difficult, estressante or very problematic situation the body is different, occurs the process called somatizao, that is, the transference for the body of what it would have to be lived and to be supported only in the mind. According to professional that works in the area of the psychosomatic one, all the people finish provoking changes in the body when facing definitive emotional situations, mainly the ones that they produce estresse and anxiety. What it differentiates it is the intensity and the frequency with that this happens, that is, when certain 0ccasional events if become repetitive upheavals and finish if becoming chronic (IWASSO, 2005). The disillusions, the penosas disillusions, frustrations, disillusionments, concerns, moral pain, indetermination; they cause discharges emotional, consuming the nervous system. Males psychic and somatic clutters appear, then, diverse (IT HISSES, 1959). The immune reply it estresse to it if of the one through a joint action between the nervous system, endcrino system and imunolgico system.

For excess of intensity or duration it estresse of it can appear some atrelada illness to any of these systems (BALLONE, 2002). It estresse it psicossocial can characterize for loss situations such as deaths, divorce, widowhood, among others. also involves events that demand the capacity of readjustment of the citizen, that is, its trend to evaluate the situations as estressantes or not, in accordance with its resources and abilities. The successive and reiterated emotions that they consume the nervous resistance, explain the appearance of signals of hard work, that appear delayed precocious or, under different forms of somatic upheavals (IT HISSES, 1959). 2.5. EMOTIONAL FACTORS Amongst the responsible factors for the sprouting, course and evolution of the illnesses, emotional factors are distinguished as one of most excellent, factors such as decurrent of the interpersonal relationships, estresses social and structure of the personality (BRANCHES, 1994). In accordance with Pinel (2005) recent research detaches the significant influence of characteristics of personality in the trend to the desencadeamento of the cancer, detaching aspects of behaviors that the citizen tends to present such as negative emotions, exaggerated pleasantness, high social conformity, escape of conflicts, pathological subtility, among others.


Instead of accepting what if she places and to look for to continue to live although the losses, as much the family as the deficient physicist if becomes attached to a hope that to the times is not true. They finish for running away from the condition of being for the death that all and any individual presents. The belief in transcendente on the part of any individual also the deficient one if relates to the dimension spiritual that, in accordance with the fenomenologia, if I distinguished from the psychic dimension. In accordance with Nietzsche, in its search of if becoming the superman, each individual new board of values searchs to surpass its condition of man on the basis of. The same it occurs with the individual that suffers that it must surpass its previous condition so that, searching new values that correspond to the superman (C.f VIGAN, 2003). The suffering is essential for the nature of the man as Nietzsche more still says and, represents a creativity on the part of each individual (they idem, idem). In the case of the individual with suffering, to deal with the suffering involves the recognition concerning what it is essential in the suffering of each person. When a person who suffers to an accident in its height from the physical force and vigor, seems that the world finished for this individual exactly.

Exactly somebody that has a degenerative illness that it progresses with the time, seems that it does not have possibilities to continue living. The body does not answer more what each individual waits. In many cases, one forgets that the individual has a body that exactly being defective it does not lose its importance. The losses are interpreted as being bigger of what it is imagined and in many cases do not have interest for this body. In accordance with Merleau-Ponty, has a body-conscience that to if relating percipient with the world, if it involves for the same (C.f.VIVIANI, 2007).


*Rita of Cssia de Oliveira Alves SUMMARY the illness of Parkinson is a degenerative, chronic and gradual illness that occurs for the loss of neurons of the central nervous system in a known region as black substance. Without definite cause a primary and idioptica illness is considered that does not have cure and is difficult to treat and still other symptoms can occur as depression, alterations in sleep, memory reduction, etc. the depression can affect considerably the life of the carrier of Parkinson and become the reason of bigger incapacity. The benefits of the practical one of regular physical activity and with adequate orientation are widely recognized and contribute for one better quality of life, therefore this work of bibliographical and exploratrio matrix intends to present the psychological 0 variable of the boarded subject, through a qualitative analysis. Palavaras-key – Illness of Parkinson, depression and quality of life. INTRODUCTION Is clear in the current society presence of the depression in patients with badly of Parkinson, this because the illness whose causes still are unknown, beyond incurable is difficult to treat.

The Illness of Parkinson (DP), also known for primary parkinsonismo or agitante paralysis, is a chronic, gradual and idioptica afeco of the central nervous system, involving the ganglia of the base and resulting in disturbances in tnus, abnormal positions and involuntary movements (OSULLIVAN, 1998). In accordance with Thomson, Skinner and Piercy (2000, P. 333), this pathology ' ' it is an illness of slow progression, that produces weakness gradual of the voluntary movement, muscular rigidity and possibly tremor.' ' According to Hauser & Zesiewicz (2001), the illness of Parkinson is a gradual neurological riot caused by the degeneration of neurons of the responsible black substance for the dopamina production, neurotransmitter related mainly with the function the illness of Parkinson it occurs with great prevalence in aged individuals. It is initiated generally for return of the 60 years of age and acometem both the sexos. Endocrinologist does not necessarily agree.

Heterogenous Riot

The obsessive-compulsory upheaval TOC is a heterogeneous riot, generally chronic, whose causes can involve factors of biological and psicossocial order (Knapp. p.193, 2004). This riot can occur in such a way in men how much in women, if installing in infancy or at the beginning of the adult life. Considered until good little time rare, in the truth is sufficiently common, with a prevalence around 2,5% in the population throughout the life (Karno et al., 1988). The obsessive-compulsory upheaval TOC is a common illness, more than what it is imagined. Amongst the psychiatric illnesses, one of most serious and incapacitantes is considered. The carriers of this upheaval permanently are worried about the possibility of that something of bad can happen. Characteristics It is characterized by intrusivos thoughts, mental ideas, images, impulses> These thoughts are as an automatic and involuntary process, probably on to the concerns of the individual at that moment. (Cordioli, A.V.

2004). the obsessions are the inquietantes thoughts e, the compulsion are the happened behaviors of the thoughts, to satisfy them. This compulsion serves as an psychic-emotional discharge, through which the individual feels itself safe and alliviated. Obsessions The obsessions are thoughts or impulses that invade the mind of repetitive and persistent form of the individual (Beck A.T et al, 2005). They can still be images, words, phrases, numbers, strange or improper musics, etc. Sensible as, the obsessions generally are folloied of fear, anguish, guilt or displeasure.

Ross Campbell

These external influences can be found in the vehicles of communication, the media and in the most varied situations of social convivncia of the child. The example of the people who surround the child says high more than many words. Meibel Guedes (2004) understands that we need to be sincere, honest, complete, to fulfill our obligations, to have always a line opened for the communication with them and to accept them with unconditional love, to love them and to protect them of the best possible form against the negative influences, always showing the way of the good and making to think them when taking decisions. (GUEDES, 2004). One of the great challenges of the education in the infantile education is related to the moral ethical values and the solidification of the character. The world is full of difficult moral questions. In the adolescence many of the standards and values of infancy are abandoned. ' ' As the definitive standards had been not yet reached, the intellectual uncertainty, the constant doubts, the emotional instability and the oscillations of mood characterize this fase.' ' (LOPES, 1995, p.85).

Friendship, fellowship and frank and opened dialogue can contribute so that this process is sedimented in harmonic way. ' ' The dialogue also becomes by means of gestures, inflections, of voices and olhares.' ' (FAGUNDES, 2001, P. 44). The Dr. Ross Campbell affirms in them that at the beginning the child waits of the parents an orientation for the life. The fact of it to have success in getting this of the parents depends on two things: if proper they find direction and if the son can accept the values paternal and assume itself of them. ' ' The child who does not obtain to feel itself loved by the parents genuinely will find this difcil.' ' (1999, P. 91). The affective lacks of infancy can develop feelings of little-value, emotional unreliability and psychosomatic illnesses.