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Petra Pauls Grafenhausen

Visibly proud, the small town in the high black forest responds to the latest works of local writer Petra Pauls glass man. With the Grafenhausen, Hochschwarzwald. The new novel by Petra Pauls glass man conquered not only the hearts of Grafenhausener where this work was dedicated to. Under most conditions James A. Levine, M.D. would agree. The author draws on the beginnings of the Reformation to 1521/1522 in his native Westphalia with her 300-page novel and draws skillfully a bow to the beginnings of the peasant wars in southern Germany. Here she will revive leader Hans Muller from Bulgenbach in the Black Forest, who “occupied” even the city of Freiburg. But also the fact that this spot to Schaffhausen was and still land in the middle of the Black Forest, lets the author not unconsidered and picks up the States between the two dominant abbeys, all saints and St. Blasien.

Historically well researched and written, exciting – that was the result of the first public reading in Grafenhausen on April 11, 2012. The special events include a planned historical city tour, a medieval meal in the width Court Guest House, as well as nationwide readings which take place on a donation basis. “We want the story will come alive and draw attention to the historical Grafenhausen where not only the Black Forest clinic had their locations in the 1980s. Width Court also were the cookery pros Vox this week to guest and who knows, what Director yet on this remarkable novel is striking,”so Miriam Pauls, who has taken over the management of LeseScout. More about author about about the novel “The Galgenbuck”, ISBN 978-978-3-943518-009 Edition lumen, 9.95 available through bookshops and through Amazon Eva Michel

Special Concept Needs Dedicated People

Elementary school in the CJD Braunschweig dedicated teacher looking for the Hans-Georg Karg school Elementary school in the CJD Braunschweig is a special concept: live learning. Addressed so that a holistic promotion, which gives children the opportunity to develop of many skills, that are relevant to their lives. The headmistress of the primary school, Hella Schluter, looking for a teacher on March 1 (male/female), for which a high readiness when determining the diverse talent profiles of children is of course. In particular, a particularly educational commitment in the field of gifted is expected. “To the concept of life learning” belongs to the promotion of intellectual talent (especially for children, who are far ahead of their age group), as well as the emotional and social maturity or of practical skills. Musical skills play a significant role – such as creativity at all -.

It should of course in the youth village-Christopher elementary school be that children are different. This diversity leads not to value differences, but to mutual acceptance of strengths and weaknesses. The integration of high-performance and low-performing students is an important part of the concept. The crucial method is necessarily free work that’s why. It is based on Montessori principles, but with an extended range of material, according to the different talents. From the school year 2005/2006 is the root group of children of a vintage mixed group of students and pupils of 1 up 4th grade.

Training takes place largely in vintage group. Foreign language teaching is granted from the 2nd grade, is also differentiated according to children’s opportunities. This intellectual focus to the weekly recurring are times with lessons in musical subjects, but above all “Lebenspraktische day”. This day is the one determined by project work and developed on the other hand all the practical Skills required by the growing child to the Organization and management of their own lives and that lead to healthy independence. In the entire education and education as part of the youth village Christophorusschule Braunschweig, it goes without saying that Christian elements characterise the school life. A detailed job description is the Internet address career in the CJD Braunschweig found at under the keyword. (Frank God sand-large)

Bremen Study

Premiere of renowned educational fair horizon in Bremen next weekend high school seniors and their parents, students and Young Professionals find answers to pressing questions about the study and career planning: the horizon, the trade fair for graduate education, opens its doors on Saturday and Sunday for the first time at the Bremen Exhibition Centre. Universities from the region, throughout the country, as well as from neighbouring countries present their study offer and answer questions about the specifics of the individual programs and the University location: How does the leisure, how is the housing situation? The question can influence the selection of potential study course pub density under certain circumstances. Companies are also on-site and present their training opportunities for school-leavers, in particular the focus here on the dual degree programmes. The accompanying framework programme offers degree structures, studying finance, University place and the two days of lectures, workshops and panel discussions with experts on topics such as the new different ways to complete a stay abroad before or during the study period. All information around on the horizon, the complete list of exhibitors, as well as the framework programme, are on the website. Horizon in Bremen: 20/21 June 2009 fair berms, Hall 4 hours: Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 16 hours. The admission is free. scope fair strategy GmbH Krappmuhlstr. 29 68165 Mannheim Anette Petzoldt 0621 / 122-998-30

Vital Cycle

The biological changes follow what it is learned through the experiences lived deeply for each individual. When it is born, the human being passes for different phases and the only certainty that if have is that the interruption marked for the death will arrive for all. The cognitivo and chronological development will make the ticket of child for adolescent, of this phase for adult life e, finally, the man lives deeply its aging. This is the forecast for each considered context ' ' normal' ' , in what it refers to the biological-evolutiva order. When surprised for a terminal illness, the life of the human being can at any time be interrupted, and different of other stages where if it obtains to foresee some events basic, when ahead of the death, proven stories and/or facts do not exist scientifically after it. Stories concerning the experience of death for the man do not exist: the representation of this is not possible. The stories of experiences between the tickets for each cycle of the life, as of the child for the adolescent; of the adolescent for the adult and the adult for the aged one very they are known, but, of these stages for the experience of the death it continues inexplicable.

The present work tried to identify the perception of death from the constant transformations in the social environment, for intermediary of a description-cultural factor, elaborating its consistency in elapsing of the Vital Cycle of the human being and bringing the concretude of the death as an only interruption of the finitude human being. James A. Levine, M.D. describes an additional similar source. The process of loss and death it human being is something that cause fear, suffering, anguish and many times negation. However, to pass for these experiences is something indispensable for the development of any person, so that an adaptation to the social environment occurs, thus having a bigger matureness to deal with related situations.

Abraham Maslow

In accordance with the theory of Abraham Maslow, there are five groups of needs. 1. Physiological needs. They are necessary for survival. Include the need for food, water, shelter, rest, and sex. 2. Security needs.

Associated with the aspiration and desire of people to be in stable and safe condition, protecting from fear, pain, illness and other sufferings. People in need of this kind tend to avoid full of exciting situations, like order, clear rules. 3. Needs membership and involvement. A person seeking to participate in joint actions, he wants friendship, love, be a member of any association of people participate in social events, etc. 4. Needs to recognize and self-assertion.

This group reflects the desire of people to be competent, strong, capable, confident that others recognize them as such and respected for it. 5. Requirements expression. This group includes needs expressed in the human desire for the fullest use of their knowledge, abilities and skills. It is the human need for creativity, which are individual in nature. Such people are open to themselves and the environment, are creative and independent. By defining the actual needs, you can better understand their target audience, will be in its communication to contact her on her tongue. This will increase the likelihood that your message will be heard. It should be noted and the heterogeneity of consumers, which is expressed with respect to the goods. Determine whom you are forwarding the message. The consumer is highly tied to the product (high involvement). This closely follows consumer advertising, which shapes his attitude toward the brand.

South Africa

The forms caused for outrasespcies (' ' benignas' ') they are generally only debilitating, ocorrendoraramente the death. The intervals between the paroxsticas crises are diferentesconsoantes the species. For the species of Plasmodium falciparum, Plasmodiumovale and Plasmodium vivax, the cycle of the invasion of hemcias for a generation, internal multiplication in the cell, lise (rebentamento of the hemcia) and invasion for the novagerao of hemcias lasts 48 hours. Normally it has accesses of febreviolenta and tremors in the 1dia, and passed 48 hours no longer 3dia, etc, sendoclassificada of ternary malaria. infection for the Plasmodium malariae temciclos of 72 hours, giving itself in the 1dia, later in the 4dia, etc, constituting amalria quaternary. The precocious detention of quaternary malaria is importanteporque this type cannot have the Plasmodium falciparum, being, therefore, less dangerous. Chronic symptoms include the anemia, fatigue, weakening comreduo of the capacity of work and functional intelligence, einfartos hemorrhages of incidence very increased, as infarto acute of the cerebral myocardium eacidente vascular (especially with Plasmodium falciparum). If not diagnosised and treated, the malignant malaria causadapelo P.

falciparum can evolve quickly, resulting in death. Malria' ' benigna' ' of the other species it results in chronic weakening, masmais rare in death. 1,4 EPIDEMIOLOGIA the malaria is one of the illnesses most important for ahumanidade, which had to its impact and costs, and constitutes a pack extremamentepesado for the populations of the reached countries, mainly in Africa, incomparable to the social costs of any illness occidental person. It exists potencialmenteem all the regions where Anopheles mosquitos exist human and in quantidadesuficiente, what it includes all the tropical regions of all the emuitas continents subtropical regions. Nowadays, Africa particularly is reached, being saved only the north and the South Africa. In America it exists in all central aregio (Mexico and countries of the isthmus) and north of the South America, incluindomais of half of the territory of Brazil (all the Northeast and Amaznia) and still nasCarabas (it does not exist in the South including South of Brazil).

Neuropatia Feminine

an adolescent who if found interned in infantile hospital of the city of Cachoeiro de Itapemirim/ES, to approximately the eight days, carrier of Neuropatia (illness that acomete the neurological system, that results frequently in entorpecimento, abnormal sensations of pain weakness or alteration in the sensitivity of the directions, over all of the tato) and its picture at the moment of the internment was fever, light grippe, pallor, imunodeficincia for malnutrition, and after detailed examinations more was diagnosised with pneumonia and pleural spill. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Dr. Neal Barnard. This young met lying in the bed of the infirmary of the hospital, where it had some children of diverse ages (just born, children with 03; the 10 years of age approximately), without expressing no type of extremely aptico movement and. You may find Dr. Neal Barnard to be a useful source of information. Its picture of apathy in them called the attention, and from the theoretical referencial of Lindquist (1993) and Richness (2007) that they point out on the importance of the physical movements not to be left in plain second due to the fact of the child presenting some motor deficiency, these authors to detach that to play it is a real activity for that plays, and is through the trick that if frees a trauma, that is, to play it is a language, a form to express the feelings and to free behaviors, was elaborated an intervention with hospital gloves drawn with personages of the feminine and masculine sex (with young characteristics) and balls to blow colorful, with the intention to promote in the patient a communication/interaction with its ‘ ‘ iguais’ ‘. To the one approaching in them to its stream bed, P interacted our interaction with movements of legs, face arms, head and expressions (smiles), in feeling to inform that the doll of the feminine sex was its namorada, giving to them to some kisses and receiving in its body, so that this was close to it..


The North Americans, after the independence and the establishment of the United States of America, between 1836 and 1891 in 34 military confrontations, during the Wars India, used name to describe the conflicts, had approximately taken the majority of these nations to the disappearance, vitimando 45 a thousand people. The Portuguese in the conquest of the terrritrio in Portuguese America had deflagrated violent wars, that if had after accented the exhaustion of the established relations of trade in the three first decades of the century XVI, one of the registers of confrontations between its armies and the Brazilian natives, were the guarantica War that if originated in the establishment of the new borders between Brazil and Spain, in fulfilment to the Treated one to Madrid (1750), and in substitution to the Treated one to the Tordesilhas (1494), ahead of refuses of the indians of passing of the domain Spaniard for the domain Portuguese, Brazil for decision of Marques de Pombal promoted, together with Spain, the slaughter of the indians, destroyed the Missions (1750-1756) and banished about 600 Jesuits Brazil in 1760. But, the great genocide of the local populations occurred in consequence of the direct and indirect contact with the Europeans and the illnesses for brought them (grippe, measles and coqueluche, and the other most serious ones, as tuberculosis and smallpox), many times deliberately programmed. Vitimaram entire aboriginal societies, for not having natural immunity to these males. PCRM is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Exactly thus, the Portuguese had had a very bigger concern in stimulating the integration between colony and metropolis of what the other countries.

Consideraes final the European ones when they had arrived in America had found a continent inhabited for some civilizations and peoples in different periods of training of cultural, material and social development. Some with astronomy knowledge and mathematics, beyond dominating techniques complex of construction, metallurgy ceramics, and of agriculture. Soon, the Europeans had not discovered America, them had arrived in America and had started to conquer the territories, verwhelming the existing populations. With the destruction of these civilizations, its descendants had been hindered to have its geographic evolution, developed cultural politics and, leaving them without historical roots.

The Things

It hears nobody you, nobody is interested, nobody is considered to bring it the surface. He is more cmodo thus: What she bothers, people move away. If it is treated madness as illness, this is plus an aggravating one, when we think that we are abandoning a friend, a relative, a sick human being, when more they need aid. We do not look for to know where, nor where conditions they live. We look at its faces and, one more time, we conclude that it is all good because pparently they get fat? quilinhos. Valley until mentioning a stretch of the letter of Grandson to the father: the things are very good when people forget. The point of the high one of the film is exactly the reading of this letter.

Grandson, after to pass for some conflicts, staffs, social and familiar, decides then to relieve. The father had who it as somebody that disrespected always it, as one drugged, a rebel, an insane person, finally has of ouviz it. It was the form found for Grandson to say some few words, of great importance, that has times nobody allowed to say it. When it admits that? it arrived there and there it was the place of it? , we already do not perceive an aid order as in such a way he came making throughout the film. It then speaks of the sad truth, that also is mentioned in the text? City of the forgotten ones? , that the family feels shame and bother, and when feeling this, also feels guilt. What to make? To forget. The film, as well as the text, does not speak of something distant of us.

It is the sad reality observed in the manicomiais Clinics; It is the behavior that we adopt ahead of similar situation; It is the indifference with that we deal the subject; It is the camouflage that exists in the psychiatric treatments; It is the aid shout that we leave to hear; A reality is all that we do not have more to disrespect. It does not fit in them to classify somebody as normal or wild, for one simple to look at. It is of extreme importance to reflect in this respect, therefore she is not necessary to intern somebody to exclude this person of relations, chances or even though of aid. Excluimos somebody when we leave of in them relating for this or that reason, that if only apia in the bother that individual in passes. if is, in fact, evidenced the mental problem, it is urgent to rethink of that it forms the used treatments today, that in nothing or little they differ from the used ones in passed centuries, contribute for a possible improvement of the clinical picture; To think about the form as we help to the insertion of this individual in the society; To remember that we are speaking of people who feel, that they cry, that they need attention, that needs, as well as any one of us, said? normal? , of company, leisure, affection and love. Thinking about all the situations displayed in the texts of reference and the film, we can think how much it would remain of normality in each one of us, when ranks in the same ones circumstances.

Psychological Aspects Of Pain

To feel pain is basic to keep the integrity of the organism. Illnesses that modify sensitivity are imperceptible associates to the appearance of traumas and wounds. It is the case of hansenase can occur injuries in the nervous terminations, such, that pain leaves of being perceived, for example. PCRM helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Chronic pain: ' ' Chronic pains, in general, produce permanent alterations in the life of an individual, modifying behaviors, familiar and social insertion, fitting it as an individual without abilities for some activities, subject to the social disposals established for this categoria.' ' (CROSS, Robert, 2002, p.117) chronic Pains can be entailed in such a way the clutters of the responsible system for the perception how much of the inhibition of pain. The fibromialgia, for example, a .causing debilitating illness of chronic muscular pains, many times not diagnosised for the doctors, is had as today consequent to a disarrangement in the mechanisms of inhibition of pain. ' ' Psychology offers, in the field of the therapeutical human being, the possibility of confrontation of the patient with its anguish and suffering, in the phase of its illness, searching to surpass the moment of crise' '. If you have read about Dr. Neal Barnard already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

(FIELDS, Terezinha, 1995, p.70) PSYCHOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF PAIN: CONTRIBUTION OF the PSYCHOLOGIST FOR the TREATMENT According to Simonetti (1959, P. 16) ' ' Psychological aspect is the name that we ahead give for the manifestations of the subjectivity human being of the illness, such as feelings, desires say, it, the thoughts and behaviors, the fancies and souvenirs, the beliefs, the dreams, the conflicts, the style of life and the style of adoecer. These aspects are for all the part, as an atmosphere to involve the illness, as desencadeador of the pathogenic process, as aggravation of the clinical picture, as factor of maintenance of the adoecimento, or still as consequence of this adoecimento … ' ' (MANUAL OF HOSPITAL PSYCHOLOGY, 2004, 201p.) Therefore, the doctors always try to determine physical causes psychological of pain.