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DJU Minor

The novel Statute started to determine that the only guard will be attributed taking in account the interests of the minor, and to the genitor who to disclose conditions better to exert it. The best material or financial conditions of one of the parents nor always will constitute decisive factor for the decision judicial of the guard. For better conditions for the exercise of the guard of the minor, &#039 is understood; ' not only the economic equipment of that if it intends guard of the minor, but above all the attendance the optimum interest of the child, in the direction most complete alcanvel (STJ-3 T., REspe 916,350, Min. Nancy Andrighi, j. Dr. John Mcdougall has much experience in this field. 11.308, 26.3.2008 DJU) ' '. According to Manoela Maria Rock: The best conditions to exert the guard do not restrict the financial or psychological conditions or any another one, but to the positive set of all the requirements essential to keep to a child, including affection, health, security and education. After all still it remains the other genitor, who does not withhold the guard, obligations stops with its children, as for example, the obligation to perform foods, not being then lack of financial condition the determinative one in the decision of the guard of the children.

It must be understood as better conditions those that better to take care of to the interests of the children. They must be led in consideration for the magistrate the social behavior, the conditions to provide the sustenance with the due cares and, mainly, the degree of affection excused to the minor, who will function as indicating of cumprometimento and responsibility. 3.4.1 – I begin of optimum Interest of the Child The beginning of optimum interest of the child, according to Maria Regina Fay de Azambuja, bases ' ' in the recognition of the peculiar condition of person human being in development attributed to infancy and juventude' ' . According to jurist, children and adolescents are people who had not yet developed completely its personality, are in process of physical, psychic, intellectual, moral and social formation. The criterion that guides the exercise of any modality of guard is optimum interest of the minor, having in account that the measure must be applied semp

John McCain

E the decurrent news in the media, point citizen with religious conceptions, in favor of State acts and against the religious discernimentos. Speaking candidly Dr. John Mcdougall told us the story. ' ' In February of a 2005, research of the Ibope it disclosed that 85% of the catholics defend that the decisions of the Legislative one and the Judiciary one must be based on the diversity of opinions, and not in religious ideas. The same survey showed that 93% of the catholics find that the health service must take care of to the women who have problems caused for abortion. 97% defend that the government promotes the use of condoms to fight the AIDS and 86% are favorable to the use of contraceptivos' '. 9 In the great ones you harness, as the E.U.A, the idea of separation also is evidenced by the media: ' ' One ' pequena' majority of the North Americans, including more conservatives and republicans of what before, apia the separation between religion and politics, second research divulged in the thursday. The survey appears at a moment where the democrat Barack Obama and the republican John McCain actively dispute the religious electorate for the presidential election of 4 of novembro' ' 10 E, in turn, in Brazil, the question of the cut of bows politicians also gains space in the legal system: ' ' In Brazil, the separation between the Church and the State was accomplished in 7 of January of 1.890, for the Decree n 119-A, and constitutionally consecrated since the Constitution of 1.891. Up to 1.890, the catolicismo was the official religion of the State and the too much religions were forbidden, in result of the norm it art. 5o of the Constitution of 1.824. The catolicismo was beneficiary for the State and enjoyed of enormous privileges. ' ' 11 explicit Fica in clear way objective, that the regulations of the Church today do not influence – in generality the way it thought modern politician, neither intervenes with the procedures and makes to be valid its ideologies; it does not prevail on the state power.

A Culture

To define culture is not the task simplest. Its diversity of concepts evokes diverse interests. It can be studied by the anthropology, sociology, history, and even for sciences of the health. Each area studies its culture in accordance with its approach. (CANEDO, 2009). When if it studies the semantics of the word sees that its root comes of the Latin colors, that it has as meanings to inhabit, to cultivate, to protect. The studies of Langdon and Wilk (2010) define culture as a set of elements that measured and characterize any physical or mental activity, that is not determined by biology, and that it is shared by the different members of a social group.

It includes values, symbols, practical norms and. Chau (1995) calls the attention for the necessity if widening the culture concept. Continue to learn more with: Dr. Neal Barnard. The author affirms that all the individuals and groups are cultural citizens. The incorporeal cultural patrimony passes to be valued. The verbal tradition, the ways to make, the customs, the popular beliefs and manifestations assume place of it has detached. In this meantime, one becomes necessary the differentiation between scientific knowing and popular knowing. The necessity to know is inherent to the man since when it started to give importance to the understanding of the world to improve its relation with the world to its return.

Science appeared as solucionadora of problems, as practical alive, dynamic, innovative, systematic, rational and objective to reveal the evidence of the facts. (VASCONCELLOS; CORRA, 2010) the same authors consider that so that a knowledge is considered scientific it must rest in solid and safe bases, being capable to guarantee absolute certezas and doubtless truths.

Enviromental Law

The present work has as subject the legal protection of the fauna with endorsement in Law 9,605/98, law of ambient crimes. The related article technician deals with the environment, searching to value the beings who compose the natural world, in special the fauna. It approaches as effective mechanism of protection, not only the legal tools, aiming at to awake the ethical awareness and moral, of the human beings it stops with the animals. It detaches the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil, that brings, in important Chapter VI, the well essential environment as for a healthy quality of life, attributing to the Public Power, and the society as a whole, the duty of ambient preservation. Source: Dr. John Mcdougall. The present work also deals with the crimes against the fauna, especially of the crime of bad-treatments and cruelty against the animals, made use in art. 32 of the above-mentioned law, that has as basic objective to tutor the Brazilian legal fauna in face of the atrocities committed for the human beings. In this manner, it still turns, on the concept of wild fauna. Ademais, remains clearly, that the main objective of the work is to point, that exactly with well elaborated necessary legal instruments and, as the Constitution and the law of ambient crimes, the cruelty with that the fauna is dealt, still it is a problem that is valid in this country..

Fernando Grecco

To the edge of the garbage For Fernando Grecco ' ' Radio and television as defined in the Constitution, have for philosophical bedding the educative and cultural purpose the respect to the ethical and social values of the person and the family, being allowed the commercial exploration of these services, in the measure where it does not harm this interest and that one finalidade.' ' (Ministry of the Culture) We live in a society with an alarming poverty. Our institutions are corroded by the practical ones of corruption, traffic of influence etc. The crises of economic nature are recurrent, and those of personal nature are still more evidentes when it analyzes the specific problems of each individual. Our press in general way, and the television in specific way, our reality portraies this well. The programming shown in the Brazilian television is the product of our ignorance, of our complete lack of common-sense or critical spirit. The empatia appeared between the escabrosidades that are presented and the Brazilian viewer it is perfectly understandable. could not be different, since few families Bloch, Levy, Brito Birth, Mosque, Civita, Marine, Cold, Saad, Abravanel, beyond Magalhes in the Bahia, Sarney in the Maranho, Collor in Alagoas, etc. exert total influence in the medias in Brazil.

They are opportunist, posando of respectable public personalities, who ludibriam the people and of it they scoff. We judge ourselves incapable to change this reality, forgetting that the television, specifically, is public concession, having, obviously, to be related the questions of social nature: illiteracy, violence, health, habitation, prostitution, drugs, correct information and impartial etc. In general way, the Brazilian television if summarizes to a slag. Primitive mood, exaggerated exposition of the body, simplrias novels maniquestas, neopentecostalistas quacks, fteis interviews, unnecessary, vindication of ridicule, the superfluous one and the burrice. This has been the programming of our open TV.


After the development of paralysis that can last for 5-8th day of illness, recovery begins. During this period, reduced vascular inflammation, tissue swelling disappears and is restored functional activity of little affected cells. This explains in part, and pulmonary lesions and sometimes complete disappearance of the cut, observed in the early recovery period. In the subsequent restoration of lost function is slower and depends on the degree and extent of damage, and on the intensity and duration of treatment measures undertaken. Recovery of lost functions in the systemic treatment may occur several years later. Last meningialnoy form of polio, with the prevalence of general symptoms of infection – about the abortive poliomyelitis. Cases of abortive poliomyelitis can occur very easily, with short-term increase in temperature, light malaise, symptoms of varying intensity obscheinfektsionnymi, short-term Cathars and dyspeptic disorders, and in some cases, apparently, and no symptoms, it is very difficult to diagnose. Diagnosis.

In severe paralytic form of polio, especially during epidemic outbreaks of recognition does not cause great difficulties. Diagnosis is based on the account of epidemiological data, the acute onset of illness, availability radochnogo period with rapid development of flaccid paralysis with decreased tendon reflexes and muscle tone, as well as the clinical picture and likvorologicheskoy serous meningitis. Here we should emphasize the need for thorough neurological examination of the patient and exacting test of muscle strength in all muscle groups; desirable electromyography. In preparaliticheskoy phase polio, which has different variants of the course, have to differentiate from other diseases. The diagnosis of polio is always placed in the light of epidemiological data.

The differential diagnosis should voditsya against influenza, pneumonia, dysentery, food poisoning. It is very difficult to distinguish from meningeal form of polio serous meningitis, particularly those caused by so-called poliomielitopodobnymi parapoliomielitnymi or viruses (viruses of the coxsackie and ECHO). At Paralytic poliomyelitis is conducted to carry out a differential diagnosis of acute transverse myelitis acute polyradiculoneuritis that occur with disorders of sensitivity.

Experienced Warlock

For these reasons, black is considered more powerful love spell tool, rather than white, and most customers with broken hearts have sorcerers / witches just bought it, forgetting that every thing and the phenomenon is always at least two sides. Among the wizards / witches have representatives defining black love spell as a type of spoilage. Damage referred to a general deterioration of the human condition as a result of a witch's influence: physical and spiritual illness, mental disorder, depression, mortal sadness, fear, and others. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as PCRM by clicking through. In regard to love is that everything connected with it, under the authority of fate itself (a kind of force, which itself determines what is right and what not). Besides, who interferes with its so-called "Plans", it usually does not forgive. Each on a predestined certain people who meet and enter themselves into your life sooner or later! Trying to forcibly associate themselves with the "alien" is not intended for you man risk that your fate layered his fate and the fate of all those whom he was supposed to meet, but because of your intervention or lost time or missed it altogether. As a result, life with privorozhennym out: it is love, but at the same time tormented by longing for something obscure (for "their" man), while completely subservient to depend on you.

And most customers of such omens are unlikely to forget, so realized that love is what makes the relationship insincere and tense. One more thing: to leave privorozhennym person without the tragic consequences of not – lock is too strong, and if at some point in their lives You'll find that made a big mistake, would have to seek the help of a sorcerer / witch and book lapel. And if privorozhennogo just "throw", it usually leads either to his spivaniyu "or suicide. Thus, despite the greater efficiency of black love spell to white, even the performers: Experienced Warlock / Witch recommend the resort to its help only in extreme cases.


Cellulite – is the change in adipose tissue of the skin. Most doctors do not consider this issue illness, and according to scientists from the American University in Pittsburgh, cellulite is a sign of great intelligence and erudition. According to them high concentration of fat in the buttocks, legs and abdomen creates a large supply of omega-3 fatty acids that have a beneficial effect on the brain. Cellulite – many medical professionals call this condition the skin, "ginoidnaya lipodystrophy. " The term "cellulite" was used in the nineteenth century, but was only publicized in 1973, when the beauty salon, Nicole Ronsard, to attract new customers, unfolded against a broad group. As Cellulite usually appears during the hormonal changes a woman's body during puberty, pregnancy and the arrival of menopause. "Favored" places of cellulite: the buttocks, thighs, abdomen, chest, flank surface of the body.

There are four stages of cellulite: Initial stage – cellulite is invisible, it can be detected only when pressing on the skin in two places and the bringing together of pressured areas. In the first stage starts a simple softening of the skin "problem" parts of the body, caused by the stagnation of interstitial fluid (the fluid environment of body cells) between the cells. This so-called "myagkiytsellyulit." The second stage – Cellulitis ("orange skin") is seen in the sitting position, by pressing on the skin on her left, slowly vanishing traces-dents. In the second stage, the skin loses elasticity. Connective tissue surrounding the fat cells tissue, blood vessels, muscle fibers, nerves and glands are sealed and hardened, thereby making it difficult for blood and lymph circulation at the capillary urovne.Tretya stage of cellulite – it is noticeable when lying down. In the third stage is growth of connective tissue elements in local deposits and the collapse of lipids and proteins. Nodules are formed, the skin is similar to orange peel.

Geviskon: Diet Without Consequences

Summer has come to an end. But the velvet season – no less than perfect time for the holidays. Preparations for the long-awaited vacation is always associated with pleasant chores. Indeed, for many holiday – an occasion to update your wardrobe and give shape to order. In the first case, it all depends on your taste and fantasy. But the choice of diet doctors advise to approach responsibly.

And for good reason. Incorrectly selected diet is fraught with complications for healthy people. To ensure basic metabolism, we need a certain amount of calories. When we grow thin wrong to redress the body begins to use the important physiological resources. Thus, the extra pounds You can lose as by harmful fats, and in the damage so the necessary body muscle mass, water and bones. This is a rather serious consequences, given, for example, that the thinning of the bones leads to serious illness – osteoporosis. Therefore, without a doubt, choosing a diet that is guided primarily by common sense. Sometimes, to cleanse the body before release just enough to arrange some fasting days.

If you have one or other chronic diseases, diet must appoint a physician. Independent experiments are strictly contraindicated. For example, if kidney function is not prescribed a diet with high protein and vegetable diets are not suitable people experiencing digestive problems. Overweight and high cholesterol levels do not decrease, if the diet is low in carbohydrates and high in fat. Experts are unanimous that the diet – a complex, multilevel process. The speed with which you will lose weight, too, plays an important role. In order to preserve the beauty and health, lose weight should gradually. Rapid weight loss leads to a weakening of the sphincter muscles – the body responsible for passage of food into the stomach. A valve device is a circular muscle that contracts and relaxes at the moment the food. As a result of weakening the sphincter stomach contents into the esophagus and enters there is heartburn – a burning sensation and discomfort behind the breastbone. When heartburn, doctors recommend natural alginate drugs: their mechanism of action does not violate the natural work of digestion. Sole Representative alginates in the market – a natural product Geviskon that is based on seaweed. Once in the stomach, the drug creates on its surface a protective layer which prevents the casting of esophagus corrosive components gastric juice. The mechanism of action of the drug and its Geviskon concentrated form Geviskon Forte is unique and has no analogues in Russia. Unlike other tools that eliminate heartburn Geviskon acts a long time and does not require re-admission. It is composed of only natural ingredients. That’s why it’s safe for pregnant and lactating women, and children over 12 years. The uniqueness of the drug confirmed Scientific Society of Gastroenterologists of Russia: 9 out of 10 experts recommend it to their loved ones *. Effective tool for heartburn any force Geviskon is the drug of first choice in the event that you experience with heartburn during the diet.


Brucellosis often takes a long, recurrent course, delayed until 1-2-3 years and, in rare cases, more. There are several classifications of brucellosis, based on which it is practically important to distinguish following forms: 1) The acute form of generalization or primary phase of infection without focal lesions, the duration of 2-3 months. The main symptoms of this form of fever, chills, sweating, lack of typhoid status hypotension, bradycardia often, poliadenopatiya, an increase in the spleen and liver. Without hesitation Dr. John Mcdougall explained all about the problem. In the blood was leukopenia with limfomonotsitozom. Reaction Wright Heddlsona – Kaytmchzovoy and Burne vnutrnkozhnaya test positive with the 12-15th day disease. Dr. Neal Barnard has firm opinions on the matter.

2) a latent form, or phase, during which time no complaints and objective data, talking about the disease can be identified. 3) Subchronic form or phase of the localization of recurrent generalization. In patients with newly repeated symptoms of an acute process with the development of various focal lesions – especially on the part of the musculoskeletal system. Liver and spleen were enlarged and sealed. In the hemogram indicated leukopenia, neutropenia, lymphocytosis, normal ESR. The duration of this form of the disease is 2-3 months. 4) Chronic form: a) with relapsed and b) with persistent localized lesions. There are marked pain, the presence of persistent focal lesions may relapse, the temperature is normal or low-grade, accompanied by a slight chilling and sweating.

Enlarged spleen and liver is relatively rare. The total duration of the disease can be 2-5 years. Diagnosis. Recognition of brucellosis is based on epidemiological data, the analysis of clinical symptoms that develop in a strict sequence, is taken into account the shape and phase of illness, and the results laboratory studies. Important methods of diagnosis of brucellosis in humans are currently the following laboratory studies 1) The bacteriological examination of blood Pull the pathogen (blood culture, obtaining mielokultury). Because of the need to have special conditions and the duration of the laboratory bacteriological studies (3-4 weeks), this method is not widely applied.