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A Competition As Preparation For The Master Thesis

On the 01.07.2010 launches the alma mater research competition Stuttgart (28.06.2010) scientific work is not everyone. Literature is still much less. But what do when the thesis is imminent and the Internet is not the desired information? The Stuttgart-based recruitment and career consultancy alma mater has devised a competition about, which is designed to help students to venture into without banknote printing on the topic of literature. As an incentive, there are not only non-cash prizes, but also prize money of up to 1,000 to win. The aim of the competition is as quickly as possible to identify literature on the subject of electronic tools. The specimens must meet in addition certain criteria, so that they may be submitted.

At a possible repeat, other, similarly complex topics as a template for the submission criteria should be. Finally, the competition should be a real challenge! “, says the Managing Director Jurgen Buhler.” Not only students may join. Anyone who has Joy has on the research of technical literature and is open to new tasks and requirements, may try his luck. The competition starts at the 01.07.2010 deadline is the October 1, 2010. More information and details, see interested on the Internet page of the recruitment agencies (