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Insurance Car Insurance

If you own a car, you will be exposed and other participants in the daily traffic to certain risks. Against the financial consequences of these risks you should insure themselves adequately on each case. There are a variety of insurance companies, the various types of insurance and also offer different rates. So before you opt for insurance, it is recommended to inform themselves sufficiently to make an insurance comparison to later meet with no unwanted surprises. A thorough informing can also help you save money. The following factors will be used as a base for their insurance premiums: * The time you have driven accident-free as insured * Your City * Except the vehicle of the above statistics are also consulted. If the risk is higher, according to statistics, so the premiums will be higher. This applies for example in the case of novice drivers as well.

As a novice, you also have some possibilities, not to pay too much insurance. An alternative would be to register the car from your parents as a second car. Thus, the insurance can be from 230% to 140% lower but often less. Do you have insurance than drivers in the same insurance company as your parents, you can also expect lower insurance premiums. With a good supply of insurance can also expect new drivers that are having ridden motorcycle or moped. At the conclusion of a motor vehicle. Liability insurance is any motor vehicle.

Owner required by law. For the registration of a vehicle, therefore a so-called cover map is required. The coverage map is regarded as confirmation of the consist of a motor vehicle. And liability insurance is issued by the insurer. A recommended addition to the liability insurance is also one of protection insurance. If you have already completed a liability insurance, so you should check as a protection is included. Here are some example of the benefits Of protection insurance: * * accident or breakdown towing and mountains of the car s. * Spare Shipping * Vehicle repatriation and insinuation * scrapping or customs clearance (for total loss) * Cost for the home or continue * Replacement drivers * including transportation (in case of illness of the driver) * Accommodation costs cover is valid in the case of a journey to the insured vehicle. both for the insurance policyholders and for the legitimate occupants. The safe-insurance is of course in several forms in the offer and the form of: * as the territory of protection (only within the Federal Republic of Germany) * as a foreign safe-conduct for the rest of Europe, including non-European Mediterranean countries * as a combination of home and abroad. This fitting for the safe conduct is the most common in Germany.