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Flu Recovery

I recover from the flu produced by type-specific, short-term (1-2 years) and not expressing immunity. With flu decrease many defense reactions. Diagnosis. At diagnosis are taken into account contact with influenza patients, acute onset, the maximum temperature rise of 1-2-day sickness, shortness of fever, chills repeated, excessive sweating from the first day of the disease, the localization of the head pain in the forehead, pain during movement of the eyeballs, the combination of general toxic effects of a catarrh of the respiratory tract, typical hemogram. Click Elio Moti Sonnenfeld to learn more. Reliable and widely available methods of early laboratory diagnosis No flu. In the hospital as a non-specific indicator can be used in the study of prints from the inferior turbinate on Kolyaditskaya – Pigarevskomu (rinotsitoskopiya). For the retrospective diagnosis valuable method is the reaction of hemagglutination inhibition and neutralization and complement fixation.

These studies are made in the "paired" sera taken from patients in the early days of the disease and to 10-15th day of convalescence. Differential diagnosis. In the differential diagnosis of influenza must be based on current classification of acute, flu-like respiratory disease. Most often, the flu has differentiated from acute respiratory illnesses caused by colds, dust, bacterial and other factors, the initial period of typhoid fever, influenza-like version of the pre-jaundice period of illness Botkin, adenovirus disease, measles. In some cases, must be differentiated from Q fever, polio, ornithosis, fever pappatachi, water fever. With acute respiratory diseases bacterial etiology of a relationship with colds, dust and other factors, the early appearance and intensity of catarrhal phenomena, low-grade fever, slight toxemia, a normal blood count or moderate neutrophilic leukocytosis. When typhus pay attention to the maximum temperature rise to 2-4th day of illness, persistent headache, endothelial symptoms enanth on the soft palate, absence of sweating, tachycardia, an enlarged spleen from 3-4th day of illness, a mild neutrophilic leukocytosis. In cases of infective hepatitis frequently observed low-grade or normal temperature, light skin itching, hives sometimes, liver enlargement, dark-colored urine, eosinophilia and erythrocyte sedimentation rate reduction, bile pigments and urobilin in urine.

Drug Administration

Whenever they found to have joined some excellent information, they appealed to the doctors, professors and scientists? searching to argue with them a better treatment that came to minimize the suffering of Lorenzo. The couple also arrived to collect deep to organize a symposium on the illness, the first one of history, this meeting counted on diverse studious of world all and instigated excellent debates in the search of the cure of the illness. Exactly with this effort the parents of Lorenzo had all not been saved of the diffidence and the preconception on the part of the doctors and the scientists? after all of accounts they were ' ' leigos' ' in Biochemist and Medicine. Another joined barrier was the impossibility of accomplishment of tests in human beings of not yet authorized treatments for the FDA (Food and Drug Administration? Agency that fiscalizes the health in the United States). Beyond the difficulty in finding chemical partners with ability to produce the formula of the oils that they believed that they could cure Lorenzo. The parents had discovered the error of the diet: when the organism does not receive acid greasy from the food, it produces alone, through biosynthesis, then they had decided to manipulate an oil, established in the oliva oil, that was not harmful to the human being, and deceived the organism, so that this did not produce acid the greasy ones. This oil was not the cure, more barred the effect of the illness, therefore the excess of acid greasy destrua the brain, and consequently its functions, the child if atrophied, the case of mielina of the neurons was destroyed, therefore, the carrier lost the movements. We have one organela in the cells, called perixossomo, responsible for the elimination of the acid excess of greasy, as Lorenzo had a genetic imperfection, of a responsible enzyme for the greasy acid absorption of in this organela, it accumulated in the blood.

Understanding IVF

In Vitro Fertilization (short name – an acronym – ECO), one of the methods of assisted reproductive medicine, with the help of which may have arisen a new life. English name of IVF – in vitro fertilisation can be translated as 'Fertilization (conception) in vitro. " Under the test tube means petri dish. The basis of the method at the same time ideological simple, and technically complex. Egg women, taking from her, fertilized by sperm. As a result, then the resulting embryo. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Vladislav Doronin. In vitro, close to the natural, and simply put in an incubator, the embryo develops within 2-5 days. Next, carefully tended, planted in his or uterus, where it continues to evolve, or frozen by cryopreservation for future podsadok.

According to statistics, the percentage of successfully conducted in vitro fertilization, about thirty-three in a hundred. The patient try a few odsazhivat embryo, so as a result of IVF, in most cases are born twins. The indications for the use of eco are various forms of infertility, male factor as well as women. Examples of such diseases can be: how obstruction of the fallopian tubes, and problems with the endocrine system. Reduced motility and sperm activity or violation of the uterus in women.

One measure is to use infertility of unknown genesis. For even more details, read what Vladislav Doronin says on the issue. Contraindications by women include congenital malformations or acquired deformities of the uterus, in which the attachment of the embryo or child bearing is impossible. Also, ovarian cancer, mental and physical illnesses, cancers and benign tumors of the uterus, requiring surgical treatment. Contraindications for the procedure in vitro fertilization with the male side are missing. According to doctors, children conceived in IVF does not differ from children conceived naturally. But there is another view that such children are more susceptible to Diseases due to lowered immunity, while learning much better than the other peers. Probable cause of the last opinion, the increased and sometimes excessive parental care.