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Inspection Illness

When you visit a gynecologist, before examination, the doctor will collect medical history of your illness. In an interview gynecologist find out information about the circumstances of your life and work of an illness, the age at which there was menarche, the duration of the menstrual cycle has changed a menstrual cycle after onset of sexual activity, date of last menstrual period. Ask what diseases have transferred your next of kin; of your marital status and health status and diseases of the husband or partner about what methods of birth control you use. Doctor completes his survey collects information about the history of your present disease: when you feel sick and with what is associated with a disease that is bothering you, hurt you before this illness and if so, what treatment is received. The more accurately and in detail, you will answer questions from the doctor, the more accurate preliminary diagnosis. After collecting the history, the gynecologist already has enough information for setting the preliminary diagnosis.


In the beginning we will discuss and name the causes that underlie most of the known diseases. Only at first glance, this is a common question. In fact, it is of great importance because it gives a clear understanding Underlying causes, without which intelligently build a defense against disease. Let's start 'Why we get sick? " In life there are no coincidences, only patterns. If the organism is initially targeted at health, comes to of the disease, therefore, were factors that impacted on it. Our body is a unique self-healing system. He knows how to effectively clean, protect and repair itself. But despite this, as well as the millions certified physicians and a wide selection of medicines in pharmacies, we are sick, more than any animal.

Percentage of people suffering from such serious diseases as cancer, multiple sclerosis, heart attack and stroke is growing. Today only a few people live to 100 years in the health and happiness, and most live their 50 – 60 years of disease and suffering. And that's really scary is that we pass the disease by inheritance to their children! What factors affect our health? Still very often meet with the naive view that the main factor that determines our health – medicine. If for a moment suggest that this is true, it turns out that their task has been little Cope. But let us not 'guess the tea leaves' and ask a question experts: how much, in fact, medicine is to blame for the poor state of our health? Unfortunately (or fortunately?) Advances of medical science all only 10 %() involved to what today's health in humans.


Advise on the technical aspects of the child's illness and their physical and health advise and inform the school attention on the possibilities of activity and student performance. – Doctors: should provide teachers with information related to the specific situation of each child have to assess how chemotherapy will affect the child's attendance at school and adequately planned absences of the child to it. Each case will be evaluated in collaboration with the school in accordance with the development of treatments. The reporting of hospital doctors and teachers with school teachers from which the children can be: – To provide updated medical information for teachers to change their ideas, attitudes, myths and misconceptions. – Must be a way for teachers to analyze their own feelings and experiences about the disease and not interfere with the education of the child.

– Giving information on the development of the disease and its treatment on the social, physical, emotional, academic and diagnosis and treatment, the necessary support in the preparation of the companions to return to the kind of sick child, and on making curricular adaptations relevant. – The role of parents, families of hospitalized children by involving them in the recovery process of their illness and educational processes The relationship with parents we aimed in several directions: – As a link between the center and provenance. – Guidance on the level of their children, from the standpoint of emotional, academic and health. – Participate in recreational and timely information, organized in the classroom.

Chronic Diseases

About the book: only compatible diet is healthy diet – the appeal to common sense. Trier. Rheumatism, Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, allergies, asthma, eczema, gout, obesity, depression, migraine, diabetes II… among the mass chronic diseases, cause the now to the 80 percent of the German health-care costs. Inexorably they are progressing, although already in the 70s of the last century the direct relationship between the diet and the emergence of these diverse chronic symptoms – discovered by an even affected housekeeping champion (nutrition and social). But instead of using common sense, it is this persistent orientation of seeking help in science, which makes it so infinitely heavy, these people to convey that they do not suffer from immutable diseases (so-called autoimmune diseases). Here must be distinguished: be sure this epidemic-like first and foremost diet-related chronic symptoms that attributable to overloaded digestive and excretory system and diseases true in contrast.

Occur to a lesser extent and are based on irreparable innate (organ injury or infection-induced) damage. The bad BREW, which is derived from the sum of all this synthetic, as well as the natural ingredients in our daily food abundance is the cause of this epidemic organ overload however. But hardly anyone knows what is that what is today generally understood under healthy eating requires an optimal composition of the digestive juices. Thereof but can under no circumstances be at the already congested organs of seeking help. The facts elementary for this group of people were collected for the first time in a small book.

As an appeal to common sense, it is trying to make people understand that it above all other the congestion-related backlog of elimination requiring nutrients is that gradually brought in a tangible and visible chronic imbalance your body chemistry. “The modern citizens of prosperity has completely lost sight, that even the natural organism man” wants to survive under the most adverse circumstances. Order now to get rid of this elimination required nutrients, he developed now corresponding to his disposition to and degradation processes. Such regulatory mechanisms come in a variety of symptoms in appearance (on skin, connective tissue, organs, tendons, muscles, joints, vessels, nerves up to the psyche) and diseases are seen as necessarily requiring incorrectly again. That the permanent chemical suppression of Leiden mostly applied for this can be no acceptable solution, explains right now actually saying, and only this must apply to our children which often develop symptoms, which not so long ago to the actually wear-related suffering of the age included.

Chronic Happiness

The happiness is as the sun the happiness is as the sun, you has that to look for to enjoy. Exist people who do not learn to look for? since very early they want that everything its return comes to it to fall to its hands as if moved for a miracle the holy ghost. There when growing if they give account that the world does not conspire to bring happiness to that they only wait. My mother said: ' ' she has to make for donde' ' ' ' Who wait always alcana' ' If alone to understand this ' ' espera' ' how verb to wait is logical that we do not go to reach nothing? why nobody reaches swims waiting. But if to understand ' ' espera' ' as one ' ' foco' ' one ' ' expectativa' ' or one ' ' objetivo' ' , certainly, we can have certainty of that our expectation anger if to carry through. The Bible in the sample accurately as if must proceed when if objective something. Who says is Jesus de Nazar? according to Mateus.

Ped, and will give you; you search, and you will find; you beat and will confide you. Therefore all what it asks for, it receives; who search, finds; what it beats, one will confide it. TM. 7, 7-8 Is this? who search finds. Why? as Pablo Rabbit the world conspires its favor? in my opinion it is not the world that is really if moving to satisfy our wills? I believe that our directions are activated in way that we more acquire a sharpened direction in seeing and feeling the chances that if bind to our objectives. We conclude that? we have to learn ' ' querer' ' or in the word of Jesus? we have of ' ' pedir' ' – because who asks for receives? clearly that the order has of being a realizable order, that is, possible.