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The mother The creation was a divine act and thanks to her for that reason we lived. Official site: TreeOf Life. For that reason, it is difficult to me to explain the Creator does not own a heart, One that must be very special Because it cannot be one normal one Since for me it must have a heart like the one of a mother. Perhaps it sounds insulting But pure and nothing else beautiful That the heart of a mother. Unique the able one to pardon To most Barbarian of its children Without measuring, to count nor to wait for The same that always with love Is preparation stops without receiving to give to give without never justifying and to get tired to give. A mother must have something divine a something that cannot be described feels when in living Single we were Or when with pain we cried Since she is our Identical consolation to which from the sky We received when we asked and when listening to us we felt.

A mother is it all the self-sacrificing delivery the creation represented In this world that When dark it seems to us and sometimes inhospitable Only one mother appears to us encourages to us My Tersi the pretty one Found feelings revolotean my mind, a con others are intensified, all want to be present. Esther, my sister, my better friend, my ally, my student, my thorn, my lost sense of fault, my anchor in the sea, more consequent my fan. What I can say of something or somebody that it complements to you, that has lived your dreams, realities, pains and pleasures. What can be expressed of that when about her you think, is calling to you, when the sadness obstructs to you, without knowing how nor when appears with a something.

Woody Allen

In the same way that there are people sad or glad, sad or glad organizations exist. In the same way that there are companies or individuals neurastenicas and neurotic, you are emotionally healthy, and there are few therapeutic applications that humor and laughter, are made today. Thus, many companies hire laughter therapy services for their employees, in order to provide a space for participants to connect with their emotions, and froze facets of freedom, spontaneity and creativity, cheerful and happy, companies are the truly prosperous. It seems proven leaders who, to resolve conflicts, resorting to the sense of humor (not sarcasm, or irony), favor in their employees greater ability to regulate their emotions in difficult situations or certain risk. Barbara Wild, psychiatrist and Director of the research group on the Humor, of the University of Tubingen, with regard to the use therapeutic humor at the clinic, says that depressive patients understand the joke, but not feel joy. In psychotic don’t apply this therapy, since all take it as real. And not in the gelotofobicos, who think that they are always laughing at them.

Besides a therapeutic function, humor and laughter teach people to be more humble, allow you to relate in a more relaxed and relaxed way, away them from the fear of the ridicule and it helps them defend themselves against the offenses. In this regard, the story of the playwright George Bernard Shaw, who was reading the word when he found in his mailbox a letter in which only is well known: idiot, without touching, exclaimed: I have received many letters without a signature, but this is the first time that I receive a signature without letter. Or like the one used, tired of his superior told him, over and over again: useless, replied: I’m not a completely useless at least serve of bad example. An of the functions most important and taken into account for the sense of humor is relative reality, and that without laughter, possibilities for man to survive the human tragedy, would be very rare. In the words of Woody Allen: and if everything is an illusion and nothing exists in reality? Then you would have paid definitely too for my carpet. And finally, it must be remembered that the laughter and good humor are as contagious as a yawn.