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Deadly Diseases

Spring Review article began with a hurricane, Hurricane Cat and elections in Europe has led to human casualties. Rosprirodnadzor continues fine. Environmentalists against aircraft and whalers. Hopper has appeared for the plants in permafrost. 10 most bizarre animals in the world. Spring is: wake up the bears and raccoons. Cats and Cats celebrated their holiday. To know more about this subject visit Dr. Peter M. Wayne.

Review of the week from 02.25.2008 to 02.03.2008. —- A short review of the major environmental news for the week. Scientists have calculated effects of aerosol anti-American warming, scientists have determined that global warming is really possible to fight by spraying in an atmosphere of sulfate aerosols, but this could potentially lead to extreme cold of the planet … —- In the diet of mankind in 1400 About 1400 insect species of insects are eaten in almost 90 countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Here are a few examples. Thais eat more than 150 insects, including crickets, silk worms and dung beetles …

—- Experts say the rapid spread of deadly diseases around the world An international team of scientists has documented a dramatic spread of deadly diseases around the world. In their view, the most serious threat to people in underdeveloped countries are the new infections are transmitted from wild animals, and developed – outbreaks of pathogenic viruses which are resistant to antibiotics, and new diseases that have appeared in result of the use of chemically processed foods … —- In China closed the largest producer of plastic bags in China's government during a national campaign to protect the environment in the largest closed country of the manufacturer of plastic bags – factory 'Huachan', Xinhua said in a statement. The factory was located in the central Chinese province of Henan, and produced 250 thousand tons of plastic bags a year … —- 'The era of huge garbage dumps' received the scientific name of scientists said a new era in Earth's history. Through millions of years, millions of tons of garbage left by mankind each year, will be studied by paleontologists. Modern scholars have previously devised a geological term for a new age: 'Anthropocene' … —- In the White Sea will be an action in defense of newborn harp seal pups Russian star of theater, television and show business will participate in the action in defense of pups – newborn pups of harp seals. As the correspondent of IA REGNUM, the action is organized by the Center for animal rights 'Vita', held in early March … The full texts of these and other News you can get on and mailing in this release: 288 issue a weekly mailing of environmental

Giving Birth

And so time passes and we continue with our lives, thinking that we could not give birth because we did things well and because we failed. We mourn every fortnight, and when we asked some support, people look at us strangely of what we feel and they say: – It is better to have a caesarean section and apart faster and this, your baby is fine. But that makes me more sad, but I tell myself maybe they're right … and let it go again which to spend more and more time I'm getting into my head that I feel not so important, I say myself: – Cut the shit, is just a cesarean. Until One day, I receive the news that I'm going to be a mom again, that emotion and turn what fear, yes, what fear … do not want another injury. Speaking candidly CNHP told us the story. Y. ..

women, here comes the best part, because they want another C-section but we will not have. Having lost all hopes, having put aside our feelings, something, who knows it, I said, "And if you try a natural birth?, Of course it is hard … difficult to have confidence in us to be one hundred percent sure that we can give birth naturally, because we can do that … you know. I'm not going to lie sometimes C-sections save lives, if these are done when really necessary, but many are simply routine, for convenience, not to wait, does not respect and money. To consider planning a natural birth, we must first go back, go as much as possible our memory, even if it hurts, and look how we live our previous pregnancy, our fears, anxieties, concerns, things we do not encourage you to ask, go back to the day when we were interned, was seen as a step by step, we did, we did, how many people had, if I was alone for long, if you wanted someone to be there, if the lights were high, if there was a lot of noise, if he had begun my labor alone, if I was induced, in which week of pregnancy was …

Foot Surgery

Course on surgery of the foot in Malaga During days 18, 19 and 20 of March, podlogos and students of Podologa will meet in Malaga, to attend XIV the Course of Basic Surgical Techniques in Surgery of the Foot, that will take place in the Aulario Lopez de Pealver, located in the Campus of Teatinos, behind the Medicine Faculty and next to the Clinical Hospital. Organized by the Spanish Association of Podolgica Surgery, the Objective of the same is to acquire abilities and surgical skill in the procedures most common in the Surgery of the Foot. The course, that will be divided in three modules, (more habitual dissection and suture, procedures in the surgery of the onicocriptosis, and anatomical dissection in deathly pale pieces) it will count on 16 school hours. Its lodging to attend to this can realise it congress in one of the hotels in Malaga with category of 4 stars superior, our Hotel Malaga Mount, that stops this occasion offers rooms to him to the assistants to this encounter. For even more analysis, hear from James A. Levine, M.D.. In order to realise reserves in our hotel, where we will apply to TARIFF REUNIONES/EVENTOS with prices from 98 by room and night to him with breakfast buffet and IVA including, it only must make click in the following connection: TO RESERVE ROOM IN the HOTEL MOUNTS Important MALAGA: In order to take refuge in this tariff it will be essential to present/display in the reception of the hotel the up-to-date documentation that credits its attendance to the CONGRESO/EVENTO/REUNIN.