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Interactive 3D Map

Create the first interactive 3D map of the human body two U.S. Iridology might disagree with that approach. companies developed a three-dimensional interactive application called BodyMaps which allows users to browse the hundreds of images that recreate the human body, all of them accompanied by informative texts, healthy tips and recommendations endorsed by medical professionals. The web platform, made in flash and developed by Healthline and GE Healthyimagine, can see in 3D muscles, nerves, arteries, blood vessels and bones of the human body that make up the body. BodyMaps is a simple to use application, developed to educate users about health and possible medical problems. The web presents 964 different images of the human body, a video library, animations, articles, medical images and direct links to expand any information.

The application also enables you to view different parts of the body from any point rotating images in the viewfinder up to 360 degrees. To elaborate the contents (e) BodyMaps images it took 10 years, and worked more than 25 medical illustrators in creating the graphics in three dimensions. The world of medicine-related professionals and students already have at their disposal tools to better understand the human body: anatomical three dimensional (3D) and interactive viewers created by the team of the University of Salamanca led by Juanes Juan Antonio Mendez, scientist of the Department of Anatomy and histology human, in collaboration with various specialists from throughout Spain that work in each of the fields for those who have already developed these tools: maxillofacial Anatomy, the study of Parkinson’s disease, skin, the column and many others, as reported by DiCYT ( Is computer software that allows you to view parts of the body at the whim of the user: in different planes of millimetric cut (axial, coronal and sagittal), with information from each element and its relations, isolating it or by turning the image until you get the angle of view you want.

Summer 2012: Almost Every Fifth Was The Holiday From

Summer time equal to seaside holiday. Since the Germans agree. Whether it is in the sea, lakes, go rivers or streams in the summer holiday in the cool water. You may find Dr. John Mcdougall to be a useful source of information. This year, the holiday has completely failed however many. Almost every fifth respondent said this.

The wellness trip organizer beauty24 came to this conclusion with his recent survey. Berlin, 8th August 2012. While some just in the holiday started, the holiday season in other provinces is already over. The most popular type of vacation of the Germans in the summer is and remains the seaside holiday. Also in this year, he was again high in the course? Nearly 30 percent have spent their summer holiday on the beach. This was the result of an online survey of the Wellnessreise-Organizer beauty24. One out of five, however, prefer drove holiday in the wellness.

City breaks (12.1 percent) and recreation (11.1 percent) thus landing on the rear seats. However, almost one-fifth of respondents the summer holiday fell completely into the water. Not, however, because the weather was so bad, but because the holiday is in this year is generally down to 18.7 percent. The results at a glance: you did what kind of vacation in the summer of 2012? 1 Bath vacation: 81.9% 2. wellness holidays: fails 19.9% 3: 18.7% 4 city trip: 12.1% 5 Active holiday: 11.1% 6. Other art: 9.3% beauty24 online survey was conducted in July 2012 with 842 participants. beauty24 is one of the largest operators and intermediaries for exclusive and high-quality beauty and wellness in Germany with a worldwide Wellness vacation offerings from more than 8,000 well-being feel programs in more than 650 hotels, DaySpas and thermal baths. beauty24 has been identified as the range most powerful website for wellness by market research firm GfK WebValue in 2010 and 2011. Wellness is an essential part of a healthy life style for beauty24. Therefore, the company with its committed for a healthy and sustainable life for years. beauty24 wellness are available on, in the TV and direct sales. The wellness are consultants their customers by 9-7: 00 Wellness vacation – free hotline 0800 / 2400044 or by E-Mail at as a guide to available. A constant quality management ensures a high level of customer satisfaction. The company was founded in the year 2000. Press contact: brand gold PR Manja Buschewski coin Street 18, 10178 Berlin Tel. (030) 219-159 60 fax. (030) 219-159 69 beauty24 @

Knowledge Base For Nurturing To The Topics Of Pain And Dementia

Atacama Support training in common project Bremen software and ipp of the University of Bremen, 29.01.2013 – nurses want to update their specific knowledge to use rarely digital media according to observations by Prof. Cleveland Clinic cardiologist insists that this is the case. Dr. Ingrid Furthermore man Finck. Obstacles are also the poor basic infrastructure along with unfavourable working conditions, cultural barriers and carers missing media literacy”know the Professor of the course of nursing of the University of Bremen. To change that, a problem-oriented knowledge database for nurses should be created. More information is housed here: Cleveland Clinic cardiologist . With this project, the Bremen IT providers involved and care specialist atacama Software, as well as the Institute for public health and care research (ipp) of the University of Bremen, together in the idea competition ‘ quality of life and health through competent use of technical support systems, they have won.

The partner atacama we already know from the long-standing cooperation of digital care planning and documentation apenio. He has always considered very reliably proven and has extensive know-how, that will help us in the project”, so Prof. Furthermore man Finck. The initiative is promoted by the Senator for labour, women, health, youth and Social Affairs and the Wirtschaftsforderung Bremen GmbH (WFB) in the State initiative on future market health from the European Fund for regional development (EFRE). With the database, we want to improve the knowledge base on the basis of media-based learning, nursing decisions are made on the. To create focused and comprehensive content”experts on the basis of current evidence, describes atacama CEO Dr. Jurgen Deitmers project. The recent Internet offerings contain more general nursing knowledge or include theses and articles. Nursing-practical questions arising in the immediate day-to-day can be answered just by reading a variety of articles with this offer. A problem-oriented knowledge database, as set out in the present project “to be developed, there is currently in Germany not”, says Prof.

Subvenio E.V. Offers All Members Of ARAG Legal Protection

Accident victims lobby wins a strong partner of Dusseldorf Martin k is just over 40 years old, needy and traumatized. 1999 he was victim of a heavy traffic accident fault. As he then was in a coma, his right leg was amputated without medical necessity. Until today he is fighting for reasonable compensation. His fate shows that the real trauma of the accident often only begins after the hospitalization. Injured party must make an often long, stressful battle with insurers and legal system in addition to the rehabilitation. Learn more at: Farida Sharan.

Here, the subvenio e.V. offers a competent, Germany-wide focal point informs accident victims and actively supported. In addition to the reward of good deeds its members about the cooperation with the ARAG General Rechtsschutz Versicherungs-AG, Dusseldorf can enjoy: is now in the Member contribution from 36 euro ARAG legal protection included. We are pleased to have a powerful legal protection insurer on the side of our members with the ARAG”, so Stefanie Jeske, 1. Chairman of the subvenio e.V., whose Hauptziel it together to fight for right and compensation for accident victims. Top priority is creating awareness of the problems resulting from the supply and treatment of accident victims. A Club member in an accident caused by a third party becomes the victim, offers him the ARAG legal protection for damages. She takes over at an amount up to EUR 1 million the Attorney and court costs in all instances and all over Europe.

Worldwide, an amount is covered for up to 12 months abroad up to 100,000 euros. The members of the subvenio have the free choice of lawyer. If desired, names and commissioned the ARAG a lawyer. All redress is without excess available. Short info subvenio e.V. Germany the non-profit association lobby accident victims was on February 14, 2009 in life called out from the need, that there was no nationwide active organization until then, advocating for the concerns of fault health damaged people. These are often a pawn for judicial, medical and insurance policy and lose about their existence. To prevent this, subvenio e.V. supports injured advice cheques for the free initial consultation with a freely chosen lawyer or medical and psychological institutions, accompaniment to court dates, as well as the provision of aid of other organizations in the future in many ways, such as with assistance in dealing with authorities. At the same time the non-partisan and independent private citizens initiative is committed to improve the legal and social situation of victim and their loved ones, by them ensures awareness, as well as the enforcement of relevant laws and policies in politics, justice, administration, insurance and the company. subvenio e.V. – c/o Stefanie Jeske – Metzer str. 39 – 40476 Dusseldorf Tel.: 0211-489281-fax: 0211-618 25 for more information, dates or printable image material, please contact: contact: subvenio e.V. c/o Nataly Bansal on the Bock 3 40221 Dusseldorf Tel: 0211 7333320 eMail: press contact ARAG: ARAG Allgemeine Rechtsschutz Versicherung AG Klaus Heiermann head of Department of corporate communications ARAG 1st 40472 Dusseldorf phone: + 49 (0) 211 9 63-22 19 fax: + 49 (0) 211 9 63-22 20 E-Mail: Web: video/spot under: spot/spot_subvenio_ev.html

Z-Wave Brings Fresh Wind In The Intelligent Home

Accession by SIEGENIA-AUBI in the Z-Wave Alliance expands product portfolio to ventilation systems Copenhagen, April 6, 2009 with the window open sleep of many big cities can only dream: road noise and smog make the air supply to the sleep-disturbing element. The newest member of the Z-Wave Alliance, the manufacturer of intelligent ventilation systems from SIEGENIA-AUBI, helps here. The rooms provided with the AEROPAC sound insulating fans silently with healthy fresh air. Via Z-wave devices can be SENSOAIR air quality sensors to a ventilation system combined with, which shows the oxygen quality residents and improve them if necessary. People perceive bad air often only then if the recommended limit for harmful substances is clearly exceeded. The problem of many people who live in large cities, is there a predominant background noise and air pollution. So window had closed, and is loaded or exhausted air inhaled. The AEROPAC acts as fresh air generator, the noise from outside absorbed and this even very quietly working, so that he can be during the sleeping hours in operation.

The unit filters the air flowing in and protects from negative environmental influences. Using a convenient digital display temperature and humidity values can be read off and regulated. While the AEROPAC required only a minimum amount of energy. Intelligent cooling system for the home via Z-Wave communicates the fan with additional devices and thus becomes part of a home ventilation system. The combination with the SENSOAIR enables residents to keep the quality of the oxygen in the House automatically at a high level.

The meter displays the current state of the quality of air with an air traffic and can be placed freely in the House by simple wall mounting. The load is too high, SENSOAIR radio commands to AEROPAC then activated the ventilation automatically. New component in your home network with the ability to integrate a new aspect for an improved living environment resulting in the Z-Wave home network complement from SIEGENIA-AUBI.

Lifting Without Scalpel

Selected pharmacies offer innovative maintenance concept since the April premium pharmacies in Germany with SQOOM offer a new, highly effective treatment concept for the deep regenerating skin care. In addition to the reduction of wrinkles and gentle skin firming SQOOM concept offers also a deep care for a variety of skin problems. More and more pharmacies for their customers are looking for alternative treatments and exclusive products based on natural ingredients. SQOOM concept, pharmacists now have the opportunity to offer a unique care concept, the gentle applications for home supplies. The SQOOM pharmacies – concept is the high consulting competence, the pharmacies customers appreciate. This goes beyond in premium pharmacies far beyond the delivery of medicines and remedies. Gain insight and clarity with Dr. John Mcdougall. At the present time, where stress and tension among everyday, SQOOM is a tool to get their own health and beauty.

The care device in futuristic design regenerates the skin gently from the bottom out, but demand a competent Specialist advice. The experienced sales partner smartpharm from Cologne while actively supported the pharmacy team. By attention-grabbing display, extensive information material and training of pharmacists and PTA’s, the smartpharm concept offers the complete solution in terms of sales. The product range of SQOOM is skin-friendly and natural active ingredients from a wide range of highly effective gels that are massaged and thus can penetrate into deep tissue layers gently into the skin after applying through a handy microcomputer-controlled applicator. AntiAge SQOOM product line as well as the SQOOM med series consist of natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Indian frankincense extract, Biohyaluron, biologically active amino acids. SQOOM antiAge covers the cosmetic range, dealing with the effects and consequences of aging.

The product line of SQOOM med skin problems addressed to, as well as the treatment of acute and chronic pain, sports injuries and operations and injury scars. Alternative method of treatment Dr. Helmut Christ, co-founder and dermatological expert of Schick medical GmbH dealt intensively, in his doctor’s Office with skin diseases in particular with psoriasis, eczema, rosacea and acne. Due to lack of treatment success with cortisone or UV light Dr. Helmut Christ together with scientists and physicians a technology developed at the highest scientific level for private use. After a few missions, the skin appears visibly healthier and fresher. The worldwide patented Schick medical IONOZYM system connects ionization with ultrasound. Much larger quantities of regenerating active ingredients in upper and leather skin than with conventional care products penetrate through this unique synchronous technology. Scientific studies have shown that.

New Best Friend

What does this title mean? It simply means that we should plan to eat more fiber from which we eat now. Thirty to forty grams is currently twice what is consumed in these days. Others who may share this opinion include Dr. John Mcdougall. It is easy to accomplish this if consuming foods that are recommended for fat burning. Integral pasta, whole-grain breads and cereals then your best friends become. Provided you don’t charging them with added fatty or full of sodium, or than varieties high in fat.

Make sure that breads and cereals that you choose are a good source of fiber, read the labels and choose those containing two to four grams of fiber per serving. Always choose brands that are made with whole grain flours, since they have three times more fiber than white bread. There is actually very little fiber in white breads and other foods made with white flour, which is not nutritious in the slightest. You should also change the priorities of meals. Consume plenty of vegetables and fruits also will help you to get the necessary amounts of fiber. It adds at least three vegetables and eat fruits as snacks. A small warning, if you’ve never before taken a diet rich in fibers, then do it slowly to fit your system. Adds a food with high content of fiber in each meal for a few days, then begins to increase the amount.

Go slow and drink plenty of water, since otherwise the fiber will make you feel bloated and you have gas. However it will be worth to make these adjustments, since you will get a health menjor and lower weight. If you want to know more I recommend that you read your Ideal body. Now there is a healthy and safe alternative to get the changes you want in your body through nutrition and exercise, and on a permanent basis.

Care Glass

Create a garden is one of the activities most satisfactory that we can undertake, as well as relatively simple and economical, but for our efforts bear the fruit that we look forward, we must take care of our plants and gardens care for your plants and flowers is importantissimo, and they instead us regalaran a healthy life full of light and aromas. Here are some simple tips to caring for your plants. The increase or decrease of temperatures in houses can affect plants and make sick them. We will simply expose some of the most common symptoms found in the plant when it begins to get sick, it is important that we take action as soon as possible to act directly on the disease before it becomes irreversible. If you observe that the stems are rotten and will bending and falling, look at the base of the plant, surely it is wet in excess. In this case not to be watered as often, waits for the ground to dry and then water them again. The leaves may look burned, it is possible that if the rays of the Sun that cross is near a window the glass burning leaves by the magnifying glass effect.

Remove immediately from that area so not it touches the Sun through glass. Sometimes a general deterioration is observed in plants, they are a sad aspect, without force. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dr. John Mcdougall by clicking through. A factor that may influence them is that they are exposed to a stream of air. Never place them in areas where there are strong currents such as corridors or passageways. Some plants take a crooked position and grow with strange forms, notes if they grow towards the light, sometimes it is due to lack of clarity. Move it to a place that is better lighted. With these simple tips lograras cultivate a garden healthy and your plants will it appreciate

New Year

New Year – a new chance. And we must not miss it. And the success of our actions depends on each one of us. From the fact that each of us would do for his family and his country. New Year's – a favorite family holiday. Today we think of the closest people – our parents, who want above all health. About our children.

We love you very much and look forward to you. Want to see you got it. Want you to be happy. Dear friends! New year – just around the corner. Only a few moments. It's time to make a wish. Let come true your fondest dreams! Let your side will be the most expensive and most people close! Let everything be good! Be happy! With the new 2010 year! *** What do we see? We see not just one idea, not just two, but we see a lot of thought. In vain to believe that a lot of thought – it was good.

Many thoughts at all, in principle – is Of course, good. But not in the case when none of them are primary. When there is no hierarchy, no primary and no secondary. There is no subordination. If one question you are trying at once to say about your grandmother, the national team in football, shooting on the need of increased population disproportionately Ussuri tigers, the benefits of phosphorus for the brain and the superiority of IPS LCD matrices with matrices PVA – make sure that people remain in the minds of porridge.

Smoked Salmon Pear

Recipes from the discounters: tasty and cheap! Cook healthy and varied and it also still budget-conscious shopping not so easy, isn’t it? The price pointer in the consumer service menu you will find not only the details of what products have just enhances the discounter or reduced in price, but a few months ago also delicious recipes: you can buy all the ingredients at the discount store, they are easy to prepare and they conserve also the purse strings. Under the motto “conjure a budget a great menu” will find the right recipe – even with quotation for every taste! One of these is our salad with smoked salmon, pear and Walnut ingredients: 200 g of smoked salmon 2 small fennel bulb 3 pears 2 small courgettes a half iceberg salad 4 tablespoons walnuts (coarsely chopped) 2 tablespoons lime juice 4 tablespoons olive oil or walnut oil for the dressing, about 2 tablespoons oil to Saute of Zucchini, salt, pepper preparation: wash the fennel bulb, the outer leaves and the stalk Remove and cut into thin strips. The PEAR wash, core and cut into thin columns. Also, cut the salmon into thin strips. Wash the zucchini, dice and in oil just to swing, already salt and pepper. Cut the lettuce into strips and mix all ingredients. Season with lime juice, olive oil, salt and pepper and sprinkle with the chopped walnuts in concluded. Cost: Find the price for this recipe and many more ideas on our website in the menu of consumer services!. Connect with other leaders such as Farida Sharan here.