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Fuel Supply Cleaning

Cleaning of fuel on board is carried out by cleaning the fuel separator filter and sedimentation. Defends fuel settling tanks. The process of sedimentation is deposited on the bottom of the container under the influence gravitational forces of mechanical impurities and water. At the same time, with mechanical impurities in the sludge is partially fall and asfaltosmolistye connection. Rapidity of the deposition of various impurities depends on their weight, size and shape, as well as the viscosity of the fuel.

The greater the difference in specific weights of fuel and impurities, and less fuel viscosity, the higher deposition rate. Therefore the process of settling of diesel fuel, which has in comparison with Heavy fuel less dense proceeds more rapidly. To reduce the viscosity of heavy fuel oil (fuel oil) in the slop tanks are usually heated to 60-70 C with a steam heating elements with thermostats, automatically maintains desired temperature. Filtered marine fuel, based on the separation of polluting its impurities due to the difference sizes of migratory cells and the slits filter and filter out particles. Fuel is filtered out in stages en route from the tanks to supply fuel injection pump engines. In toplivoperekachivayuschih and adoptive pumps ship cages placed coarse filters. Ship separator cleans the fuel from water and small particles.

After the fuel separator, it enters the supply tanks. From there goes to the engines. Before the fuel pump filters are usually applied with a finer mesh or slotted. Before The engine is installed fine filters. Coarse filters, the main purpose is to detain large mechanical particles are mesh with filter elements made of metal grids and slotted with the filter elements drawn from separate plates (disks). In one case equipped with two filter elements, one of which can be cleaned while the other will work. The pressure difference before and after the filter typically 0.2 kg / cm 2, increasing the pressure drop of more than 0.4 kg / cm 2 indicates contamination, and the lack of difference – the failure filter (breaking the grid). Filtering materials of fine filters are special paper, felt, felt, porous bronze, ceramics, etc. In contrast to the coarse filters to filter the ability to wash is not fully recovered, so these elements will be replaced periodically. In recent time the work is automated pre-filter, cleaning is carried out by washing the reverse flow of fuel, which then, together with pollution down to the mud tank. For uninterrupted reliable operation of the fuel system sizes remaining in the fuel after mechanical filtration, the particles must be smaller than the gap in high-precision pairs of pumps and nozzles, and therefore should not exceed 3-5 mu.

Mental Illness Task

Diseases are often due to gratuity crises. This could place from a wrong meaning result. Credit: PCRM-2011. In workplace health promotion are to ask two questions: what makes staff sick (pathogentischer approach) and what keeps employees healthy (salutogenetscher approach). There are different models to the former. The model developed by Johannes Siegrist of the bonus crisis is quite accepted. It explains the sick are of a people that he is himself exhausted and for not adequately compensated.

If so the own use at commitment, knowledge, time, personality, etc. not accordingly, rewarded about by job security, career, salary, etc., so the man is sick. (See Wikipedia:) In my work as a consultant, trainer and coach, I often encounter this phenomenon and it is appalling how long employees and managers take this upon themselves. Like, I want to open a new perspective here. Brain research and publications among others Prof. Dr.

Gerald Huther, we know that meaning is a significant motivator that keeps healthy. A certain work must make sense, participation in a particular undertaking must make sense, a particular commitment must make sense, so the person motivated and stay healthy. This I ask however after positioning the meaning: you can be on the item itself or on the career opportunity such as directed. In both cases, the commitment would make sense. In the first case, the task is stiftend sense is. The point is in itself. She’s fun, she lets me do things with others together, it is interesting, I can fulfill me, introduce, shape, me prove, show my competence or what makes this sense whatever. Here, it is important that the task itself creates this sense. In the second case, the task makes sense, but only as a vehicle. I am so engaged for a task and hope as a result of engagement such as a positive career or salary history.

Respiratory Illness

Cures in Poland are particularly useful with a respiratory illness. To treat a respiratory disease during the treatment in Poland, is useful because of the existing burden on those affected. A respiratory disease is a disease that affects the respiratory system. It must be not the lungs. Often enough, also the bronchi are affected. Those who suffer from such errors and therefore purchased the cures in Poland, are under a large load.

Breathing is restricted, that affects not only the carrying capacity of the organism. Coughing and anxiety can also occur. A comprehensive care is therefore offered during the treatments in Poland. The cause of respiratory illness is long, it is for example an allergic disease, so much for the patient can be done during the treatments in Poland. Best climatic conditions create important conditions for such stays.

Not every respiratory illness is curable. Undergone severe bronchitis or even pneumonia, also the respiratory illness fall, can heal quite during the treatments in Poland. Allergies are the cause of the disease, so the time can be used, to find the culprits. This is usually not so easy, because not every reaction follows immediately on contact. Sometimes the trigger exists, that it is not possible to Dodge him also so close and so much in the environment. In some cases helps a desensitization. There are very often misunderstandings in relation to allergies to food. Sometimes patients who suffer from a respiratory illness, to diagnose even an allergy without asking for medical advice. This happens for example after enjoying some fruit varieties. In later tests, for example on the advice of the professionals of the treatments in Poland, it turns out then, that such an allergy is not. Instead, the reason may be a sensitivity to the pesticides, imported fruit is often burdened with that. During the treatment in Poland, the opportunity should be used therefore only regional products to eat. This is true not only for fruit, but also for vegetables. Patients who recover from their respiratory disease during the treatment in Poland, can participate in the versatile therapeutic offerings. Even if acute processes, the capacity is limited, so the measures around the inhalations help. This includes also the visit to the healthy salt cave. Who suffers from a respiratory illness and during the treatments in Poland has the opportunity to visit such a salt Grotto, will enjoy of the well ventilated, landscaped spaces. The interior design reminiscent of though a cave, there are actually highly equipped therapy rooms. The air is very salty and often also with Nebulizers are used. The guests sit or relax on loungers. Soft music is played in the background and a light show enchanted the salt crystals on the walls. The stay can be repeated several times and has a significant improvement in symptoms during the treatments to the Follow.

Folk Illness

The quality of sleep can be determined with the Epworth scales. In Germany, approximately 25% of the population suffers from sleep disorders. You can leave with the newly developed and based on the Epworth sleepiness scale sleep test to assess his individual sleep quality. Most people have a clear idea of what a healthy sleep should look like. Evening quickly fall asleep, durchschlafen through the night without waking up and in the morning well rested and fresh stand up, with power to contest so everyday.

But the sleep behavior just described applies to very few people and the disruption of one or more parts of this process affects about a quarter of the population. The causes of insomnia and its forms are varied form. One of the main factors for a bad night’s sleep is the age. It is well known that you age less soundly asleep, wakes up at night often and generally less hours at a time can sleep. Researchers see the cause is that the human pineal gland (Pineal gland) calcified over the years and less and less melatonin is produced. Melatonin is a hormone that is secreted by the brain in the dark and sleepy makes. Less melatonin in the blood leads to night-time waking or sleep problems.

There are also people who mistakenly believe to suffer, because they have a poor subjective perception of quality of sleep a sleep disorder or suffer from daytime sleepiness. To determine the actual quality of sleep and to draw conclusions on whether any sleep disorder exists, has the team in Italy-based Clavis srl (key melatonin) developed a sleep test. This is based on the parameters of the Epworth scale (sleepiness) and evaluated the individual quality of sleep. It can be performed for free test_sonno.php on the page. A tendency of the personal sleep pattern can be recorded with answer seven simple questions. The result is then passed to the specified sent mail address. Anne line

Diabetes Mellitus

Live like you better with diabetes more than 500,000 Germans suffer the so-called sugar disease and rising. Thus diabetes already is one of the common diseases. Under the adult-onset diabetes (diabetes mellitus type 2) even more than eight million people suffer from. The term originates already from ancient times. “Is derived it from the Greek word for pass” as well as from the Latin (mellitus = honigsuss). For more information see Dr. John Mcdougall. The main symptom of metabolic disease is thus meant: the withdrawal of sugar in the urine.

Already in ancient times, you knew this disease diagnosis was diagnosed by a taste test of urine. It tasted sweet, the sugar level was increased significantly. Now we know that the hormone insulin in the pancreas (pancreatic) is produced. Insulin is required to absorb glucose (sugar) from the blood stream and convert. Does this process not work, properly increases the concentration of sugar in the blood. What is permanently, it comes to far-reaching health consequences.

Causes The causes of diabetes mellitus are different. In type 1 diabetes is a destruction of the insulin-producing cells. As a result, The insulin production decreases steadily until it comes to a standstill. The type 2 diabetes called also adult-onset diabetes because it occurs frequently in the older generation. The causes are mainly in a poor diet, lack of exercise and obesity. Although insulin is produced in these patients, however, the sensitivity of the cells for the hormone is significantly reduced. Calculate the bread units diabetics with type 1 diabetes must calculate their meals at bread units (BU). 12 Grams carbohydrates conform to a BE. These details are already made on many food packages. There is also a loading tables that list food product and sometimes even manufacturer and calculate. For comparison: an are contained in 60 grams of cooked pasta or 35 grams whole wheat bread. A plate of spaghetti with sauce has about six.

Mental Illness

The mental and emotional diseases have the disease of the mind and the soul still undeserved special status as images of illness not seriously taken, only reluctantly talks about, and tried to hide their diagnosis. Although there is no reason for such an approach, still many people ashamed openly to express their State of mind. This is true more for women than for men. Particularly men who have erectile dysfunction or erectile dysfunction received even the diagnosis, often fall into deep depression. Impotence is almost like a swear word, and who suffers from it, would like to talk about most. Although there are now effective treatment methods, and even sexual enhancer without prescription on discreet ways in a dispatch pharmacy or online pharmacy, as the by new can order brand pills, many men to treat this disorder are shying away from. The faith, to be able to do anything against such a diagnosis, can be many men despair and leads straight into the depression.

This is only an example of the emergence of mental diseases. The spectrum of mental incorrect responses is very much looking forward, and the transitions to the normal behavior appear fluid. The actual heart diseases, such as for example depression, but also schizophrenia, hallucinations or delusions-sense are called psychosis. Neuroses are the result of a mental error control, mental overload as a result of conflicts, overuse, poor posture and other pressures, to functional consequences in terms of the higher nervous activity lead. About neurotic disorders, many of the errors referred to as psychosomatic or functional disease, are to interpret. With this list, the range of the neurologically psychiatric syndromes is by no means exhausted. It also added a variety of secondary alteration of heritage-related diseases, metabolic abnormalities, abnormalities and also for poisoning.

Also, these diseases can with varying degrees of success, medically treated and prevented by medical and social measures or be mitigated. It is fundamentally flawed to classify mental abnormalities and incorrect responses as awkward and shy away from the doctor’s visit. The conversation with the doctor or psychologist can often help to identify the causes for neurotic undesirable developments, and to meet them, inter alia through conversation and behavior therapy, specifically. Otherwise, the fear of the neurosis can still encourage the development of neurotic. The production of substances that exert a detectable effect on certain mental reactions and the mood is one of the most interesting drug developments of the last decades. Psychotropic drugs are among the oldest specimens, if we include alcohol as a product of changing mood and solve inhibitions. Psychotropic drugs may not become lozenges for angry and uberbeanspruchte.

Fall Illnesses

At the 4th Festival of the senses in Graz it is also alternative medical approaches that provides hands-on health fair wellness and well-being, health services beyond traditional medicine, critical conflict with orthodox approaches: lectures, workshops, and exhibition stands interested visitors can try out, discuss, and experience. Without hesitation Cleveland Clinic cardiologist explained all about the problem. The 55 exhibitors and speakers look forward to visiting, this year for the first time also exciting topics of well-known doctors with alternative therapy approaches! Admission is free as usual. Look me in the eyes that Irisologie is a methodology that was developed by Theresa Konig. Various health assessments can be identified on the basis of an analysis of the eye. As a result, there is the chance to counteract weaknesses at an early stage. In addition, mental and/or physical disharmony, which already have manifests itself, are visible using an Irisologie checks.

Because all messages are stored in the IRIS. On the basis of this Irisologie checks are displayed Information evaluated and discussed. \”So the clients can contribute in time to maintain your health and well-being whether with conventional medicine, a chain of irisologischen, homeopathy, Bioresonance or similar looks deep into your eyes you Theresa Konig at booth 27 shows your feet\” foot analysis after the Grinberg-method look means it also when Marianne Kaj Wrentschur on level 47. The Gringberg practitioner focuses intensively on your feet. Using the Grinberg-method a correlation between physical sensibilities and usual behaviour can be produced. Repeated behavior in response to similar situations can create over the years of tension and pain on physical or nervousness, lack of motivation and similar non-physical level. Our feet show us similar to how other reflex zones in which area of the body is imbalance. The foot analysis, where among others lines, skin texture, temperature of the feet \”be taken into account, the Grinberg practitioner realizes where manifesting what behavior patterns and can a conscious zoom tracking through targeted discussions with the / m KlientenIn\” in situations.

Folk Illness

What to do before the bones be brittle? A healthy lifestyle in combination with calcium-rich diet and exercise is a good prerequisite to prevent osteoporosis. In everyday life, this is not always feasible. The hustle and bustle is often too big to change the diet, or to move more deliberately. There is a break in form of a wellness or prevention treatment. It is an excellent way to get quietly on a changeover and thus the first step on the way to a healthier life. Dr. Peter M. Wayne recognizes the significance of this.

Who wants to protect themselves against osteoporosis, help the springs with a high calcium content. With around 2,500 mg calcium per litre, the BEHRINGER fountain in bad Suderode (resin) is one of the strongest sources of calcium in Europe. He is ideally suited for the so-called mineral therapy as base treatment for osteoporosis. The source can be used for drinking, baths and inhalations, and is used in addition to the 32 C warm Hall exercise baths and the steam bath in the sauna area. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dr. John Mcdougall by clicking through. The mineral, the While recorded a drinking cure with medicinal water, can compensate a lack of calcium or counteract it.

This in turn strengthens the bones and helps prevent bone density loss. Water gymnastics and Nordic walking are particularly well suited to the prevention, because they protect the joints and tendons, and at the same time promote the activity of the entire musculature. For healthy relaxation without effort, there are for example the brine steam bath with a temperature of 43 to 45 C and 100% humidity in bad Suderode. A walk through the charming spa town is advisable as the end of the day. The filigree carving of houses from the 19th century is typical of the tranquil location in the Harz mountains. As pradikatisiertes calcium saltwater Spa bad Suderode offers targeted treatments for the prevention of bone density loss.

TEL Soul

Targeted actions outstanding results for sick and injured people In the course of the history of religions have tried to liberate the people from his physical sufferings. The methods ranged from the prayer to the laying on of hands. Many superstitions arose to explain why these actions sometimes helped. It was that the mind can have an effect on the body but a widespread belief, no matter what method was used. Today, the medicine treats the body, if there is something wrong with him. But she looks over the relationship of the soul to its body and the effect that has on the body the soul almost completely. “An old and true proverb says: the soul is healthy, the body is healthy”. L.

Ron Hubbard developed many applications of his discoveries for the mental and spiritual aspects of the physical discomfort of a person. “As more and more methods are originated from it, called these parent Adviser” or in English of assists ” called. Here are prayers said, nor tried by laying on of hands to achieve some effect. Instead of that excellent results through targeted, active actions for sick and injured. These advisers always help and often wonderful results. There are dozens of different agents for a large amount of different complaints.

The procurators do not heal after L. Ron Hubbard, but help to relieve the pain of a person, or to ease the discomfort and speed up the recovery. You want to achieve with the advisers that the injured person heals itself, enabling their self-healing powers. An assist in Scientology as a process “describes that follows a precise set of statements and actions, to achieve real success. All Scientology processes contact the spirit (soul), not the body. In Scientology is the soul and the spiritual essence of the creator of things. The soul is healthy again, hence the body is healthy again. Through spiritual means, but Medium, which are as precise as the mathematics, can resolve a lot of bad circumstances in Scientology. Unhappiness, the inability to be healthy again and psychosomatic diseases are amounting to 70 percent of all human diseases best fixed, by to turn directly to the spiritual beings (soul). Diseases caused by obvious bacteria and injuries in accidents, you can heal best through physical means. There are highly trained doctors. This case specifically in the field of medicine and do not belong in the area of responsibility of Scientology.

After Illness Back To Work!

People with acquired neurological conditions make special demands on a vocational integration measures mobile social and vocational rehabilitation. This is mainly lies in the fact that skull brain injured or people still do not meet requirements of the free labour market following a stroke after successfully EastWest medical rehabilitation in many cases. Medium integration attempts, which Ansatze only are aligned, to adapt the remaining capacity of the given professional requirements, are doomed to long-term failure. Unfortunately it is still too often overlooked that, in addition to the degree and extent of brain injury, psychological, personal, and social factors in the course of the integration process play an essential role. In a study of Possl et. Al (2001) could be proved also, that just when concerned with light and diffuse pronounced cognitive errors and better forecast the vocational integration problematic was partially to the retirement.

As responsible for these chronic overload and overwork suspected, that could be placed in the course of medical rehabilitation in the hospital setting not sufficient in a context with the slight decline. In addition to the lack of basic skills for working life, such as reduced endurance and resilience, speed, and reduced care performance, this group has particularly significant problems in handling interpersonal and social skills. Latter factors can however only under real-world conditions, i.e. in the social and professional life, certainly identify. People show in their very nature often difficult to diagnose changes after brain injury, suffer from changeover difficulties and they lack creativity and ideas, to meet their professional and social lives and to cope with the problems presented to them. Thus the inclusion provides an activity for the person concerned, regardless of whether it is their previous activity or a Activities in a new environment is a great challenge dar. The basic problem of vocational rehabilitation is the adjustment between the remaining capacity and the professional requirements.