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Kitchen Sanitation, Hygiene, Cleanliness

No matter how good were not food, in violation of the rules of sanitation and hygiene in the kitchen, during storage, preparation for the subsequent preparation, can use instead of harm to human health. Mostly in kitchen table is prepared food, which after use must be thoroughly washed. Encouraged to wash dishes after meals not delay this matter until later. Utensils should be cleaned from the remnants of food, pour hot water soda, then wash, rinse and dry with a clean towel. It is undesirable to store, before cooking, food, in the clear, because of dust on them may get the bacteria that can make them unsuitable for cooking. Storing outerwear and other things that do not pertain to cooking, is totally unacceptable. It is necessary that the entire kitchen and kitchen equipment were kept in special neatness, cleanliness, clothing and hands of man, prepare food, have been completely clean. Failure to observe these simple rules can lead to gastro-intestinal diseases, especially in the summer.

Cardiovascular Degeneration

The sedentarismo and the proper obesidade, tend to lead the child to be each obesa time, thus, contributing for the increase of the infantile obesidade, and sedentarismo (MELLO; LUFT; MEYER, 2004). The obesidade is a multicausal riot, where an extreme storage of fat in the fabric occurs adiposo. Some authors as: Sigullem 2001, Spada 2005, Accioly 2005, Luiz 2005, among others elencam some factors that can influence the regulation of the weight: Emotional and psychological factors, as depression, anxiety, familiar desestruturao. Biological factors, disequilibrium in the hormonal system, endcrinas regulations neuro. Hereditary factors, occurrence in other members of one same family. Sociocultural factors, alimentary compulsion.

On account of the factors of cited agravos one understands that the prevention must be in all the phases of the development of the child since the gestation. (SPADA, 2005). He is considerable that the weight excess increases the agravos of the health, being able in long stated period to contribute for the appearance of some patologias as: Arterial Hipertenso Sistmica (HAS), Aterosclerose, Diabetes type II, Hipercolesterolmica, Cardiovascular Degeneration of the Joints, problems, Psychological and mannering problems among others. (LUIZ et al. 2005).

Some precocious consequences exist and in long stated period that finishes compromising the physical and emotional development in infancy, having bigger probability to present low auto esteem and difficulty in the learning. (CLAUDINO et al, 2005). To stimulate pleasant physical activity? tricks of the type have pricked? it hides, charges blind person, rubber band, to free pipe, to jump amarelinha, rope etc. (ACCIOLY et al, 2005). To establish a balanced feeding in regular schedules and to keep healthful habits. (LACERDA et al, 2004). The paper of the nurse is to collaborate for the formation of alimentary habits, guiding by means of groups of support and lectures regarding the adequate consumption of nutrients in such a way for the children as to its familiar ones.

Synthetic Analytical

For (BREADS, 2005). The characteristics of the Synthetic Analytical metodolgico principle are: To contribute in the justification of the technique, the model analytical-synthetic if it bases on principles on the organization of the activities, that praise a learning that goes second (Greco, 1998). ) of the known one to the stranger; b) of the parts (division of the movement in functional units) to all; c) of the simple ones for the complex (gradual approach); d) of the easy one to the difficult (gradual reduction of the aid); e) of the general perception to the specific perception. The learning if of the one for the repetition, leading to gradual perfectioning e, consequently, to the automatization of the existing basic movements in each bedding. Observing the analytical-synthetic principle in the vision of, (DIETRICH et AL. For even more details, read what Dr. John Mcdougall says on the issue. 1984).

… if characterizes for presenting courses of exercises or, sporadical, games, which leave of elements special (conditional technician, tacticians or) of the games, congregating them, little by little in bigger connections (synthesis), collecting, later the parts, in logical sets. Some authors point pointers with respect to a lesson in the direction of the analytical-synthetic metodolgico principle in the initiation of the sport, however some ideas if contradict some authors see greater number of limits of that possibilities in the use of this method in the esportiva initiation. However great majority emphasizes an intention with systematic metodolgico aiming the same/, where they prefer the use of other mechanisms I assist for it of the metodolgico principle. 3.1LIMITES AND POSSIBILITIES Are evident that if on the other hand the organization of the activities in pedagogical sequences, with a gradual dosage of the level of difficulty of the task, favors the acquisition of motor abilities, in the critical one to the analytical-synthetic model of education of esportivas abilities, affirms that on the other hand, the tactical application of these abilities to the complexity of the game situations is menosprezada.

Internet Advertising

I do not know where to start – types of Internet advertising so much on one side. And so little on the other. You know, it is believed that the most correct solution of some problems of one – and in this case, the creation and promotion site. Actually, if the site is not, then the occupation of online advertising – a waste of money. Okay, then the points: the first axiom – any advertising campaign is conducted in a certain space. Whether it's a real space (such as that in which we you live) or virtual (television space, the space of the Internet – in general, the topic of virtual spaces is a topic for a separate series of articles, if interested, cherkanite a couple of lines at the bottom of the page – I'll write, publish advertising medium, respectively, the space – the real (leaflets, newspapers, billboards, etc.) or virtual, for Internet advertising it – digital images (banners), digital texts (internet news, internet articles and etc.) In general, the fact that there are different spaces with different properties and laws of interaction. It just so happened that we can not live in several types of spaces (at least in full), so it turns out that for every advertising campaign on the Internet, we want to get a return in real space (a full-fledged gold doubloons corollary of the first axiom: for a certain kind of space, need the office of the same species. Let's see what we are doing in the first place, when organizing a new business? That's right, first we need an external identifier of the company in the space – an office. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Dr. John Mcdougall.

The Duel

Throughout our lives, are moments of approach and withdrawal, of birth and death, one of the most difficult events that we will face. Death is normally experienced as a loss of the beloved and we associate it with pain, illness, old age, loneliness, empty, decontrol normally and above all in the West are accustomed to living with the taboo of what death represents is easy you attempt to set aside the issue, will lie, and even hide causing a vacuum that we asociaremos to it. So it is very common not to deal with situations of bereavement, or relate to someone who is dying because we don’t react and aim to minimize the topic without giving us account that thereby we do not contribute to its overcoming. Religions that are associated to fear death and more sensational cases and images offered by the media also contribute to that I think that it is something horrible and alien will happen to others. People create links and depending on this live one way or another loss of a loved, when it breaks we have a frustration and as a consequence rabies and sadness. Logical, since we want something that we cannot get longer. The pain is evident and feelings begin to emerge. And it is necessary to feel them, anguish, emptiness, rage and guilt are healing, if we reprimimos these emotions can fall into depression.

It is therefore necessary to give us time, we need to adapt ourselves to the new relationship with who isn’t and thank his memory, since this feeling will be a gauge of the good development of the duel. There are different factors involved in how to develop loss, given that there are deaths that we assume by law of life and yet others arrive in an unexpected way and vacuum can be more intense. The relationship that at that time we held with the person we lose also dictates the subsequent recovery and at this point it is important to know that there are methods to overcome what we had to say and resolve, as well as the healthy coping of a blockade, which prevent us feel, interrupts the natural cycle by altering it. Ultimately, what is sought is the acceptance of feelings to continue being what we are, not what we are not. Adapt to the new reality to regain the balance in our autoapoyo and when we find it, the feeling of gratitude towards the person who left us or our own death, will have meaning and give meaning to our own lives. Original author and source of the article

Poverty And Inequality

POVERTY and inequality have a wise one as poor and miserable day was that he only sustained a few herbs that ate. Calderon de la Barca. LIVE under the threshold of the poverty when it speaks of poverty can, easily, think of the collective social indigent, where poverty takes its most dramatic dyes, those who have no income, which can pass real hunger, cold in winter, illnesses caused by poor diet. With this meaning it refers to situations in which poverty is understood as the vital lack of income, and a key issue is obvious: that there are other more extended, less visible situations which are those families or individuals who have a power appreciably below the average level, which prevents them considered normal development in their society. In the first case, poverty is synonymous with misery, a situation in which the lack of resources is so deep that one’s life is in danger. In the second case, rather than to the mere survival, refers to a standard of living that is regarded as acceptable minimum. The Commission of the European Union, in the programmes of action to combat poverty, considered poor to which she is so scarce resources that you have to live in a way that is considered unacceptable in his country. This way of approaching poverty is based on the way of living and not in inequality, so the issue becomes determine that assets and resources should be considered minimums.

However, this is not the approach employed by the largest part of studies on poverty, poverty is recorded on the basis of income. Such studies profusely use an operational definition of poverty, from the hand of his employment by the EU, according to which will be poor who will fall below 50% of the per capita income of a country. So the consideration of what is considered unacceptable such as standard of living worthy, it relies on income inequality. Thus, using the statistical criteria of the EU, the poverty threshold is set to half (50%) of the average net income per person per month. And inside, we can distinguish two degrees of poverty: moderate or relative poverty (set between 25 and 50% of median income) and poverty severe or great poverty (is fixed at 25% of the median income). We believe that the establishment of the categories for the analysis of poverty is important, because if only contemplates as poverty the most excluded, or even just severe poverty or great poverty, there is a risk you separate poverty from the exercise of basic rights. Anyone is aware that the poverty measurement criteria used by the European Union is equivalent to an assessment of the degree of socioeconomic inequality in a particular society.

Deep poverty would become the manifestation of the lower ends of the inequality. Therefore the decrease of poverty shall mean the reduction of inequalities. The relationship of poverty and inequality underscores that poverty is a social phenomenon rooted in the structure and the overall social dynamics. So the action against poverty implies actions aimed at social mechanisms which produce inequality and generate poverty. Not in vain, said the poet: what little I go running / of what little they had! / Everything is I go running / less melancholy. Francisco Arias Solis Si you want peace, work for justice. For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet portal.


It is evident that humor and laughter, have gone from being considered attitudes themselves Jesters, clowns and people of low social status, to be attitudes exclusively characteristic of the man, and demonstrative of the grandeur and superiority of the human being about what happens to your around. Perhaps this has facilitated science, which has proven to be laughing out loud and sincerely, brings benefits such as: Elimination of stress, cholesterol, anxiety, insomnia, cardiovascular and respiratory problems, and a long etcetera. And is that what we are doing is to laugh, release a large amount of endorphins, called hormones of happiness, small proteins that act as neurotransmitters produced by the body itself and whose main function is to inhibit pain, that is why they are considered endogenous analgesics. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Tree of Life Tai Chi Center. In this line, not a few reputable scientists who claim that one can rid of the illness with laughter and good humor, and even chronic ills. And not only that, but attitudinally, laughter puts us in a different way to the problems and challenges, providing acceptance and creativity, understanding and possibility of transforming our mental patterns, and our habits of thought. And is that, when you have good humor, you can interpret the problems in a more serene and veneer, and scrutinized much more creative solutions than when coexists with the bad mood. Official site: Assurant Health. Moods delimit our desire for action, and this well know individuals and companies that have been dragged by a whirlwind of emotions displacenteras and depressive spectrum, and be influenced by these emotions, ended up becoming his own State of mind. Point in which no longer know who is who; If one to emotions or emotions one. In the background laughter is a quite expressive language with which we showed our personality. Laughter and good humor become so fuel and the essential lubricant of interpersonal relations, and it is a strong gauge of the effectiveness of the organizations, and by stimulating the sense of belonging, strengthens resistance in times of difficulty and defeat.

The Bach Flower Remedies: A Gentle Therapy For The Soul

The English physician Dr. Edward Bach, who lived from 1886 to 1936, developed a sensational at the time therapy using only 37 different petals, which he collected from trees and flowers, which until today is very popular: the Bach Flower Therapy. The Bach Flower therapy is one of the subtle therapies and is in contrast to conventional medicine, treated using the so-called allopathic substances. Dr. Bach went out in the treatment of sick people are always on the idea that you should treat people, not the disease. Disease, he considered the end point of the soul merely as signals to the patient to errors in his way of life. Dr. Bach also believed that diseases are caused by adverse conditions and attitudes of a specific person, including the use of such hatred, fear or revenge. By Bachbltentherapie these negative states of mind are to be removed and thus overcome illness. The Bach Flower therapy is therefore rather to the Regulations, or also toUmstimmungsverfahren. The goal of therapeutic action, therefore, the harmonization of negative emotional behaviors and the activation of self-healing powers of man. As a trained physician, Dr. Bach worked first as a normal school physician. At the beginning, he even worked in a trauma hospital and later at London University in bacteriological research. Later he worked in a London private practice and in its own research laboratory. There he initially conducted research on intestinal bacteria, and found in patients, especially in chronically ill patients, a difference in the intestinal flora. Dr. Bach has already produced preparations of bacteria and developed vaccines, with which he inoculated the patient. Already with this treatment method, Dr. Bach achieved extraordinary results. Dr. Bach, however, looked for natural substances, which should replace the sale of its car vaccine. He looked for plants that should help people to find God on his back to nature, and thus completely healthy. It was alsoHe believes that this new treatment method should be very simple, so that they can be easily implemented by all patients. The method should also be easily accessible and affordable. He believed that man himself is able to cure and should do so. In his travels through the English Nature Dr Bach discovered many different plants and the water from a particular source then the Bach flower essences produced. More information is available at:

The Importance Of Protection Acoustics In The Building

Acoustic security is an essential element for our health. Currently, building professionals and regulation have the key that our health is not resentful by the aggressions of the noise. The Royal Decree 1371 / 2007 of 19 October 2007 approves the DB HR basic document of protection against noise, of the technical building code (CTE): specifying objective parameters and verification systems whose compliance ensures the satisfaction of basic needs and the overcoming of minimum levels of quality characteristic of the basic requirement of protection against noise. Since the technical building code sets the parameters that ensure the acoustic well-being. This protection against noise, inside buildings, intended to avoid the risk of discomfort or illness caused by the noise. To achieve this purpose buildings must be designed and constructed with materials which reduce airborne noise, impacts of transmission and the vibrations. Elements of protection are the door acoustic and acoustic muffler. The new DB-HR, which replaces the NBE-CA88, requires a greater air insulation (50 dB), an increase from isolation to urban noise, greater acoustic resistance to impacts and requires a better acoustic conditioning to classrooms and restaurants. Therefore the acoustic advice of professionals of the building is necessary for the correct application of the DB HR. Is advisable to the realization of a previous study noises and a noise measurement – original author and source of the article

Five Secret Buttons

In this article I want to tell you about one important element of development, which is very important in order to effectively think and achieve goals. Many things in such a delicate and interesting direction as personal growth and development are important, but focus on one. Analysis. I'm talking about the analysis of our life, about the important analysis of the situation. I will not speak for many intelligent sentences about the theory of psychoanalysis. I simply will explain those nuances that are important to me, and who helped me find a lot of complexes and get rid of them.

This process helps to extract themselves from the mass of the complex, unless properly to this approach. Every one of us happens all sorts of situations. Sometimes pleasant sometimes not. In the first case we want to know the reasons for our success, and subsequently make it automatic, in the second we want to know the reasons for failure, and failure to do so in the past. This happens different and not every situation needs to be analyzed. It is useful to analyze the peak of the situation in which you feel strong emotions. Either positive or negative.

It is usually such a situation is instructive, from which we can learn a lesson. These situations or reinforce our success, or show our weaknesses on which to work. First and foremost, on the recommendation of analysis: you represent situation from the outside. You give advice not to himself but to someone else.