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Bach Flower

What does the floral action on the magnetic field produce? You have noticed that while some people, objects and places seem to have strong positive magnetism, we are a beneficial influence, others contrary, produce us tension, malaise, discomfort, nervousness? We interact in magnetic fields. We receive energy while we are energy transmitters. Pictures, photos, pets, places, animals, plants have this property. Flower essences also. They carry subtle information and we can make that they operate beautifully on our magnetic field by facilitating a change of realities of positive characteristics. By action of the flower on the magnetic field, produces a State of faith and clarity that prints determination towards the correct actions. Also by action of flower power, we are approaching people, objects places whose characteristics will favour us. Disturbing mental structures get broken by a simple change of polarity effect.

At the same time influences the environment contrary to our development to debug or move away. We are advantaged from a plane very subtle, imperceptible even though we recognize the floral action. We are more open to energy influences of the positive range. It says things that happen when we take Bach flower remedies. Indeed, in multiple ways, both in the dream during the Vigil, new interconnections and synergistic flows, laying down and this is how wonderful and inexplicable things before all floral adventure happen.

These mysterious and wonderful things are usually incidental encounters, the uptake of new or innovative ideas that the mind can intercept. These energy influences widening our range of behaviors, so is how they expand reality becoming more colorful, dynamic and interesting. In this sense, REd Chestnut, Chestnut Bud, Walnut floral works, provide the ability to print an additional impulse to the work of a flower by facilitating us entry into a State of alert productive, achieve a perception more tuned, find meaning to experience and establish favourable subtle contacts to achieve balance, clarity, efficiency, health.

Newlywed Challenges

If you like me, has lived much of his life a happy unmarried, and suddenly realizes has said if I accept against a priest, his family and friends, you will agree with me that for us is a little harder to accept the sweet reality: we are married.And I say sweet because as newly married, almost everything is perfect, cute and sweet for us. Remember to be newlyweds, is as yet be boyfriends: kissing one everywhere and anywhere, walks hand with her husband, almost never in silence because we want to share everything that has happened on the day, including the last detail. Hear from experts in the field like Assurant Health for a more varied view. Because you don’t do special meals every day, just to see happy to our esposito. But, let’s be honest, we miss little things in our lives of single women! I have begun a short list that will of course be likely to grow, according to the experiences that each one of us we live.Before starting, let me clarify that I’m in love until the bones of my husband cute and I hope that nothing in this list is going to be used against me in any eventual difference that we have in the future, hopefully very, but very distant: stranger receiving a phone call and not have to make immediate report who called and for what strange flirting with friends that had chemistry. OK so I admit, strange flirting in general that was spicy to my life, and at the end knew it was never going to happen. Strange echarme farts in my bed, without shame, without guilt and without fear to scare my hubby and that are of that glorious body I am.

Strange nobody take it farts in my bed. No comment. Strange remember out loud, when you went out with that guy and boast of the well or complain about how bad spend it. that rich! which now also could stay in bed a whole day free, without any guilt I lift me to wash the dishes, because my cute hubby brought me breakfast to bed. strange throughout the ceremony put me linda and surprise my boyfriend, rather than now my hubby make part of the process, helping me with the buttons or opining on my shoes. Of course there is a Contra-lista to this (remember the materia-antimateria roll?), which is basically the things that I enjoy more now that I’m married, newly married, even better is a longer list!See you.

Chronic Lost Treasures

An old popular proverb says thus: It has things that people alone value when loses. Brega, piegas, but rich in truth and meaning. We possess small letters divine preciosidades, that come with us since nascena: the eyelashes. Basic in the protection of our eyes, subtle and essential accessories of plant, so fragile and delicate are irreplaceable. Lazy, we ignore its existence, despite they are the target next to our vision. Not being through a mirror, in a baffling paradox, we only enxergamos an eyelash when it moves away itself from the eye. More pathetic still it is that calmly rested, done the eyelash that usually we see, a Cisco in the face, was unfurled of the eye of another person.

There people communicate the mutilated person, saying that it has an eyelash in its face and, as well as any one of us, in a surprise compound and mourning passes, instinctively in the face, the coasts of the fingers of the hand and moves away for far, forever its carssimo piece. The children, with its wonderful one infantile wisdom, gives more value to the eyelash. It had a trick that I made with my sisters, when we caught an eyelash. It was a type of mandinga, I know there, pra to carry through desires. One joguinho amused that it valued that small pelinho of the eyelid, giving to it magical properties.

I believe that still it has people, until adults whom still this makes. Pressing the eyelash between our thumbs, shaking the hands and saying magical words, who were with the eyelash in the finger, would have its carried through order. Ana Carollina had three pra four years when she saw an eyelash in my face. Curious, she asked because she had a mustache mine it are of the place. I laugh and gave to one aulinha of eyelash pra it.