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Morning came and we were already at the Hospital, again in fast, we went to see the Dr. Miguel Angel Moran consolations, gastroenterologist – endoscopist of the Hospital private Medica Sur, street stone bridge in the Southern Cone in Mexico DF. Hi Miguel! – greeted me – we will do an endoscopy high-, it is a Tour through your esophagus, stomach and duodenum, take photos, filmaremos it and then you will see everything there is Ah and ligaremos varicose veins you have – according to endoscopy you bring of the Peru, you have esophageal Varices IV and that is serious you know it – you’re anesthetized, you will sleep do not worry! you will now submit to the anesthesiologist the Dr. Miguel Molina Schlig is approached a middle agringado man!very nice was Dr. Molina Hello Friend! – I said – we will make bread endoscopy with ligation of esophageal Varices, we will use dissociative anesthesia, you’ll be asleep OK?, – continued – this is a procedure under sedation, you’ll be in do left lateral decubitus, will put you a mouthpiece that I facilitated the entry and manipulation of the endoscope, also called bread endoscopy because it encompasses the study of the esophagus, stomach and first portion of the small intestine, in that screen rotated images, we’ll give you a DVD at the end and some photos to your album, through the endoscopic tube will introduce clips split to make ligatures of varicose veins and be able to take samples for biopsy correct Miguel? If correct doctor proceed you Senti when it injected slowly ketalar/toxicity / (ketamine) diluted with sodium chloride, was awake, lucid, lying on my left side, he had a tube in my mouth, thought in Peru, in the Andes, in the family, in friends and suddenly no me acuerdo more linked varicose veins with injector Shooter WILSON COOK esophageal VaricesEnglish soon woke up, was still in Endoscopy room Sentia burning at the level of the epigastrium still was sleepy, incoherent, I had seen millions of birds, such as herons, playing with aggressive clouds, I had seen piles of sand, kissing snails and seaweed lilas had seen fear walking between the mountains I want go home!, let me out please, I’m fine! The nurses told me that he would be hospitalized until the next day I asked are they found?, what I did? Dr. Moran says Varices had grade III, a congestive gastropathy diffuse, accentuated and a Gastritis active erosive Antral biopsy has been taken and we will await results in my hospital bed, felt burning in the epigastrium, pass saliva burned me, had recommended me to ingest liquid gelatin, awake and he woke up amid screams, it gave the impression that had saved me the life, I was euphoric is anesthesia! – said the nurses – but was the anesthesia?…Perhaps if perhaps not a break of varicose veins on any day, anytime would have led me to the Tomb perhaps why silent tissue of the soul was so but so euphoric perhaps Dr. Moran and Molina I had life, while bran ate together with Karin, gelatin, pudding, porridge, the burning disappeared which days will I wait? don’t know!, but tomorrow we will go to the Virgin go to the basilica of Guadalupe!! We rezaremos, confesaremos, and comulgaremos, and we went the next day very early.


Your reproductive system is a very important and delicate aspect of their biology. Your health and vitality is directly related to their health and general well-being. If your organism lives a prolonged disharmony, your reproductive system is one of the first to be affected. First, some minor symptoms will appear to indicate that something may be wrong (eg. Irregular periods and acne).

Then, more serious symptoms will manifest themselves (eg. Chronic Anovulation), announcing the appearance of a disease (e.g. polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS) when you have this disease her fertility may be compromised. Your body will actively prevent conception, because he knows are not proper conditions for conceiving a baby. If the cause of continuing disharmony, the disease can worsen, and other diseases can develop, further reducing their fertility, and may run the risk of losing it completely and be permanently infertile. At this point, your wisest decision would be quickly remove the disharmony that started it all in the first place. Provided there has not been greater in your body damage, this will recover your health and consequently their fertility. If the disease is irreversible, remove disharmony will serve to prevent worsen your condition and preserve its remaining reproductive potential.

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