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Interior Peace

If this strong energy well will not be directed, the people with blue ndigo in the aura can feel themselves attemped for drugs, and a life delinquent. () She is what she has occurred frequently in our society. Children of different social levels possess the same adult of before young typical characteristics low-income. All, the great majority, if find in the deliquency. The homes, the families have been destroyed for the drugs and consequentemente for the riots of behavior. We can asking in them: 1-If are evolved espritos, missionaries, Masters in other evolved planets more, why are turned aside? Why they are felt attracted by the marginality? It is not incoherent this? 2-Have failed in its Mission these Missionaries or everything does not pass of plus a Modismo of the New Age? 3 – They would be these children being used as mdiuns of malignant espritos? 4-Be the electronic games influencing subliminarmente its minds modifying its behaviors? 5-Subject as ' ' Child ndigo' ' it would not be reason for book launching new and to spread new beliefs and fancies? 6 – Everything would not pass of MODISMO as as much others of the past? Calm! You yourselves it will take off its conclusions and it will be surprised. THUS IT SAYS LEILA OLIVEIRA: Subject: A WORLD BETTER OF PEACE AND LOVE THIS APPEARING, FAVOURS CHILDREN NDIGO? 1-in 1981 I wrote the book: Aquariana conspiracy in Brazil and the World, where story all the efforts and events for the formation of a New Society, a New Age of Peace and Love. It was an international movement, that appeared in the United States, without visible leadership.

They only repair, had an occult leadership, spiritual of the evil, for backwards. If it does not frighten. I justify ahead. 2 – In the decade of 60-70 we hear to speak on guru of the Beatles, Maharishi Mahehs yogi that consequentemente it consequentemente promoted in the world occidental person practical of the transcendental meditation for the Interior Peace and the Peace of the Planet.