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Bathroom Repair

That the results of repair in the bathroom like you and your households, need to pay attention to the preparation of schedule and have a good think about the main stages of repair and finishing works at the bathroom. This not only significantly reduce the time, but also help achieve the result that you expect from a repair of the premises. First of all you should decide what you will do in his bathroom – make cosmetic repairs to the replacement of finishing materials, or a complete renovation with change of plumbing, laying new water pipes and shall, if the previously agreed documents redevelop itself bathroom. From what you choose depends on the overall plan and their duration. If you decide to make a complete repair with replacement of all plumbing and finishing materials, then you need to produce work on dismantling unneeded and old materials.

If you do not want to deal with this still quite labor-intensive work, then hire workers from outside, who will make this unskilled work quickly and do not asked for a lot of money. Then you need to produce high-quality puttying and coat the walls of the bathroom to eliminate the various irregularities, and then do installation of sanitary ware and water pipes. If you have no experience in this case, the installation of plumbing and installation of water pipes to provide better professional plumber. Then start to finish bathroom ceiling – It is most often performed using glue boards, which not only look beautiful but may serve you more than a year thanks to the reliable protection from water vapor and moisture inherent in the bathroom. Paul in encouraged to decorate the bathroom with tiles and wall run by a combination of: the bottom half tiled and the upper – water-resistant wallpaper (washable, plastic-coated). After completion of repair in the bathroom, check results and resolve defects become apparent. It is also important to remember that there is little to do quality repairs in the bathroom – you need to periodically monitor its state. At least once a month to inspect the condition of finishing materials for the presence of different cracks, chips and other flaws – they contribute to the penetration of moisture into the material, after which the shelf life drastically reduced.

History Of The New Year

Who invented the New Year? Many of us do not even think about it. We are accustomed to celebrating it every year and look forward to this joyous, old-fashioned festival that brings joy to our house and many gifts. And he rejoice regardless of age. New Year – a holiday that unites people, who forget all the troubles and anxieties. The custom of New Year celebrations originated in Mesopotamia, has been associated with the spring bloom of nature and celebrated in March. From that day began all the big events, it was forbidden to administer the courts and to work within 12 days. At the same time and went to the custom to give each other on New Year's all kinds of gifts and souvenirs. In the 14 century Russian Grand Duke John V.

iii formally approved the decision to consider the start date of the New Year on September 1. The reason for this was that on this day in Russia collected tribute, quit-rents and other existing at the time taxes. Last September 1 New Year celebrated in 1698. And in 1699 Peter I issued a decree appointed a new date for New Year celebrations – it's Jan. 1, ie, the most cherished number, which forces already on the eve of our struggle heart in the excitement and forget about all the problems. Already in 1605 the French were first dressed as a Christmas tree, decorated with flowers made of colored paper, apples and biscuits.

Although the veneration of the Christmas tree as a symbol of protection a home from evil spirits, there was a Germanic tribes long before the adoption of Christianity. This tradition first spread to Germany, and then gradually throughout Europe. Initially, simple Christian Tree is a luxury, so only the wealthy nobles and merchants could afford it. Only in the second half of the xix century, a Christmas tree has become accessible to ordinary people. In addition to the trees and decorated with pine and cherry trees. In the first years of the Soviet Union to celebrate Christmas and decorate a Christmas tree was forbidden. But already in 1935 organized the first Christmas party, which was also a New Year green beauty. After that legalized celebration The new year. The first fur-tree ball was made glassblowers 4 centuries ago. A mass production of glass Christmas decorations began only in the middle of last century. New Year's Eve 2010 – the biggest holiday of the year, which with looking forward to all of us, especially children. To anyone not to ignore the holiday, a nice gift would be a virtual postcards to at least make everyone smile. A New Image Decorative help arrange a holiday. Therefore, it is great that such a holiday there and gives us joy and merriment.

UTI Performance

Ivanede Figueiredo Golden Laisla Layza Oliveira Magnlia Dantas Luciana ngelo SUMMARY This article has for objective to identify to the performance of the nurse front to the prevention of tricomonase and specifically to know the performance of the nurse and the ways of prevention of tricomonase, to evaluate the importance of the knowledge an efficient prevention and to sensetize the importance of the interdisciplinaridade how much the Pathology. How much the metodolgicos, to the research are literary, of the descriptive type, being of qualitative and bibliographical nature. By means of carried through research the Tricomonase is found in all the socioeconmicos levels, being the main .causing agent of vulvovaginites, is an illness transmitted sexually, the sintomatologia is vast, disclosing themselves with yellowish secretion or esverdeada, copiosa, frothy and ftido odor and the treatment must be simultaneous. With everything one concludes that the accomplishment of this work, was of great importance for the improvement of knowledge front to the performance and assistance of nursing. Words – Key: Knowledge, Assistance, Nursing, Orientation. Academics of 5 Semester of the Course of Nursing of the College San Francisco de Barreiras – FASB, email: Ivanede@,,,. Professor of the College San Francisco de Barreiras – FASB, Postgraduate in UTI for the FASB, email:. 1.

INTRODUCTION This article is about a sexually transmissible illness, known for Tricomonase, its .causing agent is the Trichomonas vaginalis, its signals and symptoms are normally; vaginal, yellow-esverdeada bolhosa secretion and ftida, being able to have complaints of discomfort, pain the sexual relation and in the mico. According to approach, Brazil (2001 p.66), the performance and assistance of nursing is to guide personal hygiene, use of clothes that facilitates the ventilation, perineais use of absorbent or penos and not alcoholic beverage ingestion during the treatment. Ahead of the displayed one, the present work has as objective: to identify to the specific performance of the nurse front to the prevention of tricomonase and objectives they are; to know the performance of the nurse and the ways of prevention of tricomonase, to evaluate the importance of the knowledge an efficient prevention and to sensetize the importance of the interdisciplinaridade how much the Pathology. How much to the metodolgicos aspects, to the research she is literary, of the descriptive type, being of qualitative nature and where the participants had collected the data through bibliographical research. In such a way, the work proposal cited here is a research on the DST Tricomonase, by means of the social and professional importance of a prevention, therefore the professional students of nursing and futures need to improve its knowledge front to the subject, since they will be connivent with inserted people in this context and in such a way being of great importance to have a basement practical-theoretician for one better orientation to its customers, moreover, will be educators and need to alert the community on the importance of if preventing against this and other DSTs.