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The Nurse

The communication is a basic instrument of the care in nursing. As instrument, the communication is one of the tools that the nurse uses to develop and to perfect know-making professional. When if they give to the cares the patient terminals, the health professional must keep an efficient communication, to allow that these express its feelings and its complaints. At these moments to hear is better of what speaking, attitudes as to sit down it the side of patient, to touch it softly and to reveal interested for its history is comprovadamente efficient ways of emotional assistiz it and spiritual.

The paper of the nurse if does not restrict to execute techniques or procedures and yes among others to consider an including action of cares, that implies, aspects, to develop the communication ability. In this thought, Daniel affirms that: Communication in the nursing encloses ampler direction, that is of relationship; this as a therapeutical process of interaction, affinity, reciprocal knowledge, understanding and acceptance between the nurse-customer-patient and familiar in contact relatively drawn out and determined period of time, providing ace people a series of based practical attitudes and in empirical and theoretical knowledge, with the intention to promote the welfare bio-psico-partner-spiritual. This interaction can influence the behavior of the people, who will react its on the basis of beliefs, values, history of life and culture. Therefore, the relationship between nurse and patient acquire as much importance in the phenomenon to take care of. To this respect to the ideal goals for a good communication in the end of the life, they are: … Conhecer problems, yearnings, fears and expectations of the patient; To facilitate the relief of symptoms in efficient way and to improve its autoestima; To offer true information, in delicate and gradual way, in accordance with the necessities of the patient; to identify what it can increase its well-being; to know its values, spirituals cultural and to offer measured of support; to respect/to strengthen the autonomy; to become more direct and interactive the relation between professional of the health and patient; to improve the relations with the dear beings; to detect necessities of the family; to give time and to offer chances for the resolution of hanging subjects (fired, gratefulness, reconciliations); to make with that the patient if feels care and folloied until the end; to diminish uncertainties; to assist the patient in good confrontation and in the experience of the death process.

Primary Care

Nurse Graduated for the Federal University of the Paraba-UFPB, Mestranda in Sciences of the Education, Specialist in Health of the Family, Coordinator of the Basic Attention of the City of Jucs-CE and, Professor of Disciplina de Semiologia in the Regional University of the Cariri-URCA, of the Advanced Campus of Iguatu FALLS; Email: SUMMARY Is important that the worker of health, mainly the nurse, apt and is enabled to ahead take care of to the clientele in view of its problems and necessities in the field of the health, adjusting itself it the requirements of the market of work of some technologies in health, as much light how much the hard ones. In this way, the performance of the nurse in the basic attention is distinguished here as being an enterprising professional in the context of public health, being this most qualified to play a position of it commands/recognized leadership for the other professionals and the proper academic formation. With this, the necessary nurse could itself be concluded that to have knowledge regarding the administration to be a good manager, therefore the union of the theory (knowledge) with practical the day to day one is essential. Therefore, the controlling nurses of UBS establish an effective relation between the object and the purpose of its process of work, that is, the managemental actions are directed to the attendance of the necessities of health of the clientele.

Family Planning

The present article will approach the work of the professional nurse of the ESF, that makes use of contraceptive verbal hormonais, as artifice of the process of familiar planning, where to know the pharmacology of the STEEL, knowing that such information and peculiarities are necessary so that has, thus, a security in its applicability and in such a way to propitiate ways so that does not have risks, possibly prevented, to the health of the woman. One is to a bibliographical research, descriptive and exploratrio character, carried through by means of a data-collecting concerning the verbal contraceptive methods as instrument of the nurse in the familiar planning in the basic attention. Being distinguished the paper of the Basic Attention in our nation, that acts through the ESF, aiming at by means of its components to supply cares with qualification in the assistance to the Sexual and Reproductive Health of the woman, a time that if has as tool base the familiar planning propitiated by the nurse in its professional performance in the ESF, perfazendo the routine clinic. Words Keys: Contraceptive You pray, Familiar Planning, Nurse, Primary Attention, ESF. ABSTRACT professional This article will focus on the work of the nurse of the ESF, which makes uses of verbal contraceptives, like fireworks in the process of family planning, where knowing the pharmacology of STEEL, knowing that such information and peculiarities only ploughs necessary that there is thus security in its applicability, and thus provide means will be there is in risk, possibly preventable, women’ s health. It is the bibliographical and descriptive and exploratory, performed by the verbal date collection methods on contraceptives a means of family planning nurses in primary care.