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Physical Education

To have a base of convenient knowledge with the type of work that will be developed from the definition of the etria band, this will serve so that the changes of development provoked by the activities are adjusted and evaluated day-by-day, so that it does not run away from the objective and it harms the development of the child. The author also standes out that the individuality is a basic start and that the professor who is acting must take in consideration this individuality. The factors of the age, sex and maturation act the psicomotricidade, this together with are that it determines the adaptation work all, education/learning others year-end results that are being considered. The experience of the ministrante is essential, had to these cited factors above, therefore it obtains to feel what this happening with the pupil and with this starts to give necessary balance to arrive at the adaptation or in another activity. (TURCHIARI, 1996). The room condition also folloies the development of the child in swimming, allowing as soon as it has one lives deeply of knowledge and of varied intensities, with different speeds, the corporal domain of it in the way I eliminate will be different. In I benefit of the development it will start to have a bigger sensitivity in its intelligence that this associate with the space, the time and objective that are being submetidas.5.O professorDe agreement with TURCHIARI, 1996, so that the work initiates in a correct way, the professional must be graduated Physical Education to start to give swimming lessons, it will need to have knowledge adjusted in the subject to lecionar the activity with the children, it needs to know to swim all the nados ones to be able to teach the child, however it needs to adhere procedures with the same ones in elapsing of the lesson, therefore he will work with different ages and an unknown environment for the children, having searched to teach the practical one of the swimming in a way where the pupils will have to assimilate the teachings in the best possible way.

The Effect

The diffuse axoniais injuries (LAD) are applied eat to it of traumatic origin of duration superior the six hours. They produce a comprometimento in the white substance of the cerebral hemispheres, the caloso body, the cerebral trunk e, ace times, of the cerebellum. The diffuse axonial damage is the causer of the state of eats in the cases where in the craniano trauma focal cerebral injuries are not observed, in the majority of the cases it initiates in the periphery and if it extends in direction to the interior, until affecting in the cases most serious diencfalo and mesencfalo (JUNQU; BRUNA; MATAR, 2001). 2.4HEMORRAGIAS AND HEMATOMAS the hematomas are gifts between 30% 50% of the cases of serious TCE, can also cause serious affectations the death, for the effect of compression of the cerebral trunk. The cranianos hematomas classify its anatomical localization (JUNQU in accordance with; BRUNA; MATAR, 2001). The epidural hematoma is considered a rare complication of the craniano trauma. The epidural bleed costuma to be caused by the rupture of the wall of one of the menngeas arteries, generally average menngea artery, but in 15% of patients the bleed is of one of the seios lasts. The majority is associated with the skull breaking.

It is mainly a problem of adults and young because with the age the hard one if more becomes each time adhered to the skull. The clinical evolution goes of an immediate loss of conscience due to official corruption, to a discerning interval and later a return it eats to it, folloied of hemiplegia, consequent of the expansion of the epidural hematoma. The size of the hematoma determines the surgery necessity (ROWLAND, 2002). The subdural hematoma if produces between lasts-mter and the arachnoid one, and is the hematoma most common. It is called acute when the hemorrhage occurs of fast form, if occurs slowly and it evolves during some weeks, ode to be about a chronic subdural hematoma.

American Knowledge

With everything it concludes stressing the importance of knowledge will be to better and to larger performance and professionals’ planning by means of you the precocious diagnosis of the disturbance. Key Words: Autism, Importance, Knowledge, Comprehension. Academic of the course of Nursing of the College San Francisco de Barreiras? FASB. Email:. Tel (77) 8118-7876 1.INTRODUO the concept of autismo for LOVES is defined as a syndrome that presents comprometimentos in three important domnios of the human development: the communication, the sociabilizao and the imagination. To this, it gave the triad name. In agreement Klin (2006) term TID was chosen to reflect the fact of that multiple areas of functioning are affected in the autismo and the related conditions it.

As the report of the North American government LOVES in 2009 divulges the research from that 1% of the American children suffer from autismo. The related estimates of autismo incidence and illnesses had grown in such a way in last the 10 years – they were of 0,3% in the start of years 2000 and 0.6% in 2007 – that the researchers had arrived to debate if these riots are in fact if becoming more common or if they are only being more diagnosised. On the basis of what this work was cited previously has as objective generality to analyze the importance of the knowledge of the professional of nursing front to the thematic one. Searching specifically to awake the attention of the professionals for the recognition of the importance on the subject, being guided and clarifying the professionals on what it is the autismo and developing a knowledge on the same. The used methodology deals with a qualitative and exploratria research of character of bibliographical revision, where available references in the college library had been used San Francisco de Barreiras (FASB), beyond available scientific articles in data base in the Internet as Scielo.