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Stone Wedding

A symbol of this anniversary is sapphire – stone of fidelity and kindness. According to legend – this sapphire not only eliminates the heavy thoughts, but also refreshes the senses, gives strength to deal with adversity and disease. Lavender wedding – celebrated forty-six after the wedding. Lavender grows only in the pure nature and symbolizes the pure and bright, the relationship between spouses. Cashmere wedding – Forty-seventh wedding anniversary. Cashmere – a symbol of comfort and warmth of the family. Violet wedding – celebrated forty-eight years. A symbol of this anniversary is Amethyst – a sign of fidelity.

Cedar wedding – celebrated forty-nine years of marriage. Cedar – a rugged and reliable as those responsible for the triumph of the conjugal relationship. Golden wedding – the most significant, the fiftieth anniversary of the family. Only love loyalty, affection and respect for the spouses have helped to achieve this date. The couple dressed to each other wedding bands new and old ones pass their grandchildren and great-grandchildren as a family heirloom. Guests are presented a beautiful and expensive gifts. Emerald wedding – celebrated fifty-five years of marriage. Union of husband and wife as beautiful as an emerald.

Diamond (platinum) wedding – celebrated sixty years. Brilliant – an unusual stone strength and purity, illuminating the path to marital happiness, symbolizes strength and beauty of family ties. Iron wedding – celebrated the sixty-fifth year of living together, symbolizes love, reliability and durability, which is pinned anniversaries. Stone Wedding – manages sixty-seven and a half years of marriage.

Internet Through Photobanks

You are a photographer, illustrator or trideshnik, you have the opportunity to sell their drawings over the Internet, through microstock (a type of photo banks). Learn more at: Assurant Health. Microstock – the agency, which mediate between photographer and designer, containing millions of graphic works database to help designers easily find the photo or drawing to him. Originally photobanks appeared very long ago, they were placed in clip art and reportage pictures of very high prices and use the services could only large advertising agencies and newspapers / magazines. Later came mikropeymentnye photobanks in which prices have become much more loyal customers and has been in times more – hence the name microstock. The designer pays a license to use your work in your project (Royalty free license) photo bank takes a commission, the remaining amount adds to your balance.

Sell one image can be an unlimited number of times, because license meant by a limited use of the image. Nothing mashiet you sell your photos in several microstocks. After earning a minimum amount for withdrawal (normally $ 100) you will be able to withdraw it, the output is through the payment system moneybookers, webmoney similar, only being in England, and from there to transfer money to or plastic card (Visa from 'classic' and above) or to your bank account. For more information on working with photobanks, to find descriptions of the most major of them are worth working on our website – photo bank. The forum site as you can to participate in discussions and ask for advice about passing the exams for those photobanks where it is required. Now microstock photography is a major source of illustrative material in virtually all the world, including in Russia. This means that in addition to earning you will have the opportunity to see the use of their photos in the most unexpected places, not only on the Internet, but also on the street.