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Then after 2-3 months should be more sessions to consolidate the results obtained. Before the short-term stay in the sun is recommended for 14 days before the holiday to one session biorevitalisation, and after two weeks vacation after the past two sessions. Before sun exposure recommended two sessions with an interval of 15 days. And after being in the sun, in two weeks, repeat three sessions biorevitalization. Pros and cons of Biorevitalization necessary for all who, for whatever reasons, reduced skin elasticity and firmness. And the reasons may be quite different: it is natural aging and damage of UV rays (with overuse of tanning), and previous diseases and unduly rapid, uncontrolled weight loss, too frequent aggressive peels and much more. Contraindications to injections of hyaluronic acids are the same as with any other injection equipment: inflammation in the area to be treated (worsening of acne, for example), severe chronic illness, pregnancy and lactation.

“Podsyadu I on” injections of youth “? There is another natural question: what would happen if in the future, after biorevitalisation, you can not continue the course? It would not be money, time, yes you never know what! Not deteriorate Does the skin after discontinuation of the drug? If we stimulate the metabolic processes in the skin, not whether this will lead to the depletion of its resources, and subsequently accelerated aging? Answer: You can promote different ways – “adjust” the work of skin cells, acting by the “stick” as well as provide them with “sanatorium” conditions. Because hyaluronic acid reproduces physiological conditions favorable recovery of cells, when using such “Stimulation” of skin is not depleted reserves, but rather increased, so of any “accelerated aging” out of the question. You have to understand that no one drug that exists today, can not “undo” aging, as it is, unfortunately, is genetically programmed and we can only postpone it. Therefore, medical procedures from time to time be repeated to maintain itself as a whole, and its skin, in particular, tone. Otherwise, you come back, sooner or later, the original state. Security unbroken packaging the drug, hyaluronic acid contains, should be opened in the presence of a physician patient. Within each packaging is a disposable syringe with a ready-to-use content, and is a sticker that is glued to card the patient. It contains the following information: name of the drug, the volume of the syringe (1.1 or 0.6 ml), Lot Number (LOT) and expiration date.